Classes on the topic of spiritual and moral development of the individual

Classes on the topic of spiritual and moral development of a person have the following goals:

1. Raising an integral, chaste person who understands and accepts his duties;

capable of correctly assessing life and herself, her actions from the point of view of the norms of spiritual and moral behavior; knowledge of oneself, one’s abilities, opportunities for spiritual and moral self-development, self-realization and self-improvement:

– the formation of a traditional world outlook and worldview, knowledge of the surrounding world in all its diversity, complexity, contradictions and ambiguity;

– awareness of the value of human life and the uniqueness of each person, fostering a respectful attitude to one’s own life;

– the formation of a strong-willed character, the ability to overcome any difficulties that arise, to be purposeful in achieving the goal;

– approval and development of a system of higher, built on love, standards of feelings and attitudes towards the world, towards other people and towards oneself.

2. Restoring the traditional image of the family as the greatest shrine; upbringing of traditional household and family culture, the need for a responsible and caring attitude towards family members.

3. Education of a worthy citizen of Ukraine, the formation of patriotic consciousness and self-awareness, the need for civil and spiritual service to their Fatherland, increasing the power of their Motherland; development of its material and spiritual culture.

4. Awareness of oneself as an organic part of all mankind, responsible for its condition. Perception of oneself as a part of the world that is responsible for another person, for the environment and life activity not only of humanity, but also of all life on the planet.

5. Respectful respect for the spiritual and historical heritage of their people, the traditions of Christian culture; restoration of traditional Ukrainian spirituality and morality in all spheres of life.

If we try to formulate the ideal that we are trying to achieve during classes, this:

1. First of all, a healthy person. Further – a worker, a person who knows how to do everything himself. Further – an aesthetically and intellectually developed person. A spiritually and morally developed person.

2. Family man. The family is the greatest shrine. Therefore, a person should be a good son and daughter, grandson and granddaughter, brother and sister, etc. This is necessary in order to then create your own strong family.

3. Collectivist. The student lives in a team. First of all cool, then school, then he enters the world of adults. Everywhere he should be able to work in a team, find a common language, etc.

4. Citizen of Ukraine. Ukraine is a multinational state. The commonwealth of all nations forms a single Ukrainian people. And only this unity can ensure the prosperity of the country as a whole and each person individually.

5. “Citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven.” There is something that brings a person even beyond the level of human existence, to the level of his eternal being. A citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven means the highest, beyond the bounds of earthly existence, the meanings of a person’s life in this world. Spiritual and moral education is also called upon to show a person these meanings, to teach him to live in accordance with these meanings, to prepare a person for eternal life.