Getting out of the binge

Conclusion from hard drinking is a comprehensive program that includes procedures for detoxification, correction of the physical and psycho-emotional state of a person. The private rehabilitation center “Transformation” offers an urgent removal from hard drinking with a visit to the house at an affordable price. The treatment program depends on the duration and intensity of the binge and may include the following steps:

  • Detoxification. Cleansing the body of ethanol breakdown products.
  • Recovery. The use of vitamin complexes, means to restore the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system, sedative and sleep-normalizing medications.

Withdrawal from hard drinking is possible with a visit to the house or in a hospital. Since binge drinking is the main symptom of alcohol addiction, we set ourselves the following goals:

  • elimination of signs of poisoning by alcohol and its metabolites;
  • relief of hangover syndrome;
  • identification of violations of organs and body systems;
  • determining the possibility of subsequent alcohol dependence treatment.

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Anonymous withdrawal from drinking binge at home

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