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Александр Шуляк

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Александр Шуляк

The number of drug addicted children 12-15 years old in Dnipro is increasing

that drug addiction is getting younger, we hear quite often. Specialists can only confirm the fact that addiction to psychoactive substances in adolescents 12-15 years old is becoming quite commonplace. We can say with confidence that no matter how large-scale the work of the media, police and schools, the main role in shaping the correct attitude towards the problem of drug addiction and alcoholism belongs to the family and the person himself.

Help to become your own

According to A. Shulyak, head and volunteer of the Dnipropetrovsk Center for Healthy Youth, the problem of drug addiction in Dnipro is very acute. The organization he represents provides all kinds of assistance in the resocialization of addicts, which is an important stage in the formation of a new person.

“In Dnipro, the city authorities provide all-round support to all our projects, and the recently organized camp“ Dnipro - a city of healthy life ”is another proof of this. The event was attended by about 100 people, and an all-Ukrainian project was held in Kiev, which was attended by 30 participants from Dnipro. "

A. Shulyak himself once had to go from a drug addict to a free person, and now he helps other people start a new life. Detailed information about upcoming events and about rehabilitation can be obtained by visiting the office of the organization, located at the address: D. Yavornytsky avenue, 60, room. 52. In addition, there is a round-the-clock hotline: tel. 767-27-68, 097-775-29-97, 099-244-73-36.

Today it is a trend for young people

Olga Gritsenko, a psychologist and specialist in art therapy, consulted the event participants. “We were doing art therapy, using metaphorical cards to understand the essence of the problem. It is very sad that very young people have to deal with addiction. Young people really think it's cool. However, we, adults, instill such a model of behavior in them. From the very childhood they raise glasses with compote to our health, later we buy them “champagne for children”. Of course, this makes them think that a holiday is impossible without alcohol, ”she says.

An equally urgent problem is drug advertising in the form of graffiti, which allows anyone to order drugs via the Internet or by phone.

“This is a real adventure for a teenager. He has interest and excitement. Here you cannot blame anyone in particular, everyone is guilty - parents, school, police. We need comprehensive measures and constant work to defeat addiction, ”says A. Shulyak.

In Dnipro, as in any other large cities of our country, there are problems of alcohol and drug addiction. There are too many factors that are obvious to all that contribute to the development of these types of addiction - liqueurs, graffiti advertising drugs, the availability of all this for adolescents.

“The camp is a great example of how work should be organized. Its participants can be active in different ways, work with psychologists. This helps addicts take a new path that will lead them to healing. On the territory of the region, we are going to create an all-Ukrainian camp this autumn, in which we will help those who are dependent on alcohol and drugs, as well as on games, ”said A. Zamkova, deputy head of the internal policy department of the local government department of the city council in Dnipro.

More than once, our Dnipropetrovsk region occupied a leading position among the regions where people under the influence of alcohol or drugs were involved in most of the crimes committed. Last year alone, the police recorded 2,402 drug-related crimes and 25,856 alcohol-related crimes.

Signs of drug addiction in a child

The following signs will help you identify addiction in a person and quickly respond to what is happening:

  • Fast or slow speech, poor coordination of movements, reddened whites of the eyes (a characteristic feature of marijuana use).
  • A decline in academic performance that occurs for no particular reason.
  • Loss of interest in past hobbies, sports, desire to be alone most of the time. Decreased immunity, poor general health, susceptibility to colds, poor appetite, weight loss. A decrease in appetite is possible with the use of opiates or psychotropic substances, but in the case of cannabis, on the contrary, the appetite improves.
  • Insomnia that can last for several days, followed by prolonged (18-20 hours) sleep < / li>
  • Unreasonable waste of money.
  • Bad mood, frequent mood swings, depression.
  • Stealthy behavior, constant lies, desire to hide the details of his “street” life from his family.

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