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How long does amphetamine excret from the body

Amphetamine is a stimulant of the nervous system, which is widely used in medical practice for the treatment of narcolepsy and attention deficit disorder and was first synthesized in 1887. Along with this, this drug is known as one of the most popular drugs that can cause mental dependence.

At the moment, the drug has not been studied fully enough, so there is no accurate data on how much amphetamine is excreted from the body. The speed of this process is influenced by both the individual characteristics of the body and the type of amphetamine.

There is an opinion among drug addicts that amphetamine (slang name-hair dryer, speed, speed, speed, screw) is a safe narcotic substance that does not cause addiction. This opinion has made it one of the most popular “club” drugs, but in fact the consequences of its use are extremely destructive for the human body. Specialists of the drug treatment center “Transformation”will tell you more about addiction to amphetamine.


Amphetamine is an abbreviated name for beta-methylphenylethylamine. Various sources indicate that this drug is similar to stress hormones in its effect, however, there is very little in common between them. Taking amphetamine is carried out in different ways, but most often they resort to nasal. After its use, the body begins to produce dopamine and norepinephrine. The period of action of the drug varies from 2 to 10 hours, which depends on the individual characteristics of the body. At this time, a person feels a surge of strength, is distracted from such factors as:

  • hunger;
  • fatigue;
  • bad mood.

In addition to the appearance of energy, after taking amphetamine, a person’s mood rises, he does not experience any complexes, feels liberated and “his own” in any company. It is for this reason that people who have problems with social adaptation are most predisposed to dependence on a hair dryer – this way they are freed from their fears.

After removing amphetamine from the body, a person has to face a large number of side effects, the most common of which include loss of strength, depression, a feeling of emptiness.

In medicine, amphetamine is used as a stimulant for people who are prone to depression. However, in this case, it is taken in small doses, which are determined by the attending physician and most often together with other drugs, which allows you to avoid mental dependence. Drug addicts increase the usual therapeutic dose by 3-4 times. This leads to rapid exhaustion of the body, as a result of which not only the nervous system suffers, but also the physical health of a person.

During the action of the drug, a person’s hunger is dulled, and as it accumulates in the body, it significantly weakens. For this reason, drug addicts with experience are always thin, have problems with the skin. Over time, the human body adapts to taking large doses of amphetamine, which is expressed in a deterioration of the general physical condition, disorders in the work of internal organs and ultimately leads not only to mental, but also physical dependence.


As we have already written above, the time of drug withdrawal from the body depends on the characteristics of the body. Gradually accumulating in tissues and organs, amphetamine worsens the overall physical condition, impairs the body’s ability to self-purify. That is why the” experienced ” drug addicts, the decay products of the hair dryer can be removed 5-10 times longer. Among the factors that affect the time of drug withdrawal, the following can be distinguished:

Dosage. This is the main factor that affects not only the degree of effect of the drug on the body, but also the consequences of its use.

Metabolism. It has a direct effect on the removal of toxic substances from the body. Drug addicts with a long experience have serious metabolic disorders, so the process of self-purification can take quite a long time.

Quality. Low-grade amphetamine contains a large number of various impurities, so it is almost impossible to determine in advance how quickly they will be eliminated from the body.

As a rule, even after weeks and months, the body is not able to completely clear itself of all the decomposition products of narcotic substances. This requires special procedures that help the body to get rid of toxins and slags.

The Transformation Rehabilitation Center provides comprehensive treatment of drug addicts, one of the mandatory stages of which is detoxification or cleansing the body of poisons. For this purpose, special programs have been developed here that help to improve the functioning of the body and normalize metabolism in the shortest possible time. More detailed information about the methods of drug addiction treatment is available on the website or by calling the hotline.


The hair dryer is particularly dangerous because of a possible overdose. The effect of the drug on the human body is expressed in a significant increase in heart rate, which is especially well felt when the person’s consciousness returns to its original state. Such a reaction of the body can cause very harmful consequences (up to a fatal outcome) for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases or having a low mass index.

But even for those who do not have significant deviations in the state of health, the use of a hair dryer does not pass without a trace. For example, tachycardia caused by a narcotic substance can cause a stroke.

Amphetamine easily penetrates almost all systems and organs of the body, so its use can harm not only the addict himself, but also, for example, a child, while breastfeeding a baby.

But methylphenylethylamine is not only a psychological addiction. It has an extremely negative impact on a person’s mental health. For example, there are cases when even with a relatively short drug use, a person developed severe mental states similar in signs to schizophrenia:

  • tremor;
  • severe headache;
  • hallucinations;
  • depressive states;
  • aggression;
  • suicidal tendencies;
  • thinking disorders;
  • sleep disorders.


There is not a single sphere of human life that would not be affected by the destructive effect of drugs. Drug addiction breaks families, careers, preventing a person from developing and realizing their dreams. Nevertheless, there is always a chance to return to normal life, to learn to enjoy every moment of it without using drugs.

The center for rehabilitation of drug addicts “Transformation” gives such a chance to everyone without exception. We offer anonymous drug addiction treatment based on the unique program “12 steps”, with the help of which tens and hundreds of thousands of people managed to get rid of drug addiction. This is the most effective course of all known to date.

Our drug treatment clinic offers comprehensive treatment, which includes such basic stages as detoxification, rehabilitation and resocialization, as well as psychological assistance. More information about the methods and conditions of treatment can be found on the official website of the rehabilitation center or by calling the hotline.

Narcological assistance is provided to everyone, regardless of the length of service and the type of drugs used. The Transformation Center for Drug Addicts is a highly qualified psychologists, narcologists, rehabilitologists who are ready to support not only addicts, but also their loved ones in difficult times. In situations where there is a great threat to the life of a dependent, we carry out compulsory treatment (with the consent of relatives).


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