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How long do drugs last in the blood?

The time it takes for drugs to leave the body depends on its individual characteristics and the type of drugs. How long do drugs stay in the body? Modern diagnostic methods make it possible to establish the fact of their use after a fairly long period of time. For example, the active substance of marijuana can be detected in blood even after two weeks, in urine - up to 30 days, in hair - up to 90 days. Therefore, attempts to conceal drug use with the existing possibility of conducting analyzes are absolutely pointless.

How long do drugs stay in the body?

There are several factors that affect the retention of drugs and their metabolites in the body:

  • Metabolism. In people with metabolic disorders, the process of self-cleaning of the body takes longer.
  • Frequency and experience of drug use. These factors are also decisive for the concentration of toxic substances in the internal environment of the body.
  • Health status. The process of freeing the body from toxins depends on the general state of human health, the presence of infections, chronic diseases.

Mainly, the functional state of the kidneys and liver affects the rate of drug elimination from the blood. In addition, the state of the body's lymphatic system and the presence of endocrine diseases affect the removal of substances from the body. The optimal time for conducting tests for the presence of a particular drug in the body is 7 days after their use. Otherwise, the test results may be distorted.

Depending on the frequency of use, the time to detect toxins in the body varies within certain limits.

Tested samples:

  • Urine tests. Within four days after use, amphetamines, codeine, MDMA, heroin can be detected. Up to five days - cocaine. With regular use, cocaine is found in urine even after a week, and opium and its derivatives - within two days. With a single smoking of marijuana, it can be determined in the urine within two to three days, and with systemic smoking - up to three months. Benzodiazepine is retained in the body for a long time - more than forty days. Ketanol and a psychoactive herb such as salvia are not found in urine.
  • Blood tests. Positive test results can be counted on when testing is carried out no later than seven days after taking drugs (regardless of the type of drug).
  • Hair and nails. If the addict has short hair, any of the narcotic substances can be detected in them within three months. Moreover, this period and the accuracy of the analysis increase in direct proportion to the length of the hair and inversely to the frequency of their haircuts. As for the nails, the traces of drugs in them are determined within six months. In the latter case, the accuracy of testing will depend on the length of the nail plate. Such diagnostic methods are rarely used due to the high cost of testing.
  • Saliva tests. Regardless of the category of drugs, they can be determined in saliva no later than five days after use.

Preliminary methods (immune, chromatographic) are used for the tests. If they give a positive result, then additional methods of confirming the fact of drug use are subsequently carried out, for example, thin layer and gas-liquid chromatography. They allow you to determine the concentration of drugs in the test sample or refute the results of preliminary tests.

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