Author: Александр Шуляк

Александр Шуляк

Координатор группы созависимых, психотерапевт
Александр Шуляк

Let’s make the country cleaner

Our organization is engaged not only in the rehabilitation of drug addicts, we are doing our best to take part in the work against the spread of drugs among the population.

The other day, law enforcement officers from the Office of Opposing Drug Crimes exposed a criminal group that distributed methadone in Vinnitsa through bookmarks. The drug was supplied from the capital in toy kitchens. During the search, 540 doses of narcotic drugs worth more than UAH 200,000 were seized from the detainees.

We have been cooperating with the Office of Counteracting Drug Crimes since the first days of opening our branch in the city of Vinnitsa, namely from November 2018.

We still have many joint cases ahead, aimed at clearing our suffering from drugs.