Rehabilitation center in Zaporozhye

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine in 2018 counted the number of injecting drug addicts – there were 346   000 people. These are mainly people of working age and adolescents. In addition, these are only officially recorded cases, and how many of them actually are, no one can say the exact number.

Recently, a rehabilitation center was opened in Zaporozhye, which provides emergency drug treatment, as well as comprehensive drug addiction treatment under the “12 steps” program. This city was chosen for a reason: Zaporozhye ranks second in the sale of drugs, the first place is in Kiev, and the third is in Krivoy Rog. This city needed a medical center on a par with the capital of Ukraine.

Where to go for help for a drug addict

Rehabilitation center in Zaporozhye

It’s almost impossible to cope with drug addiction alone. To overcome the disease, you need professional medical help. There are times when a person can live without psychotropic substances for some time and therefore does not consider himself a drug addict, but this is just the initial stage. The drug is already “sitting” in the addict’s head, and the person is just waiting for a reason for weakness.

The rehabilitation center in Zaporozhye not only provides emergency assistance, but also helps to cope with addiction at the initial stages. After working with a psychologist, a person will never return to an addiction.

Video about the Doors Open Day at the Rehabilitation Center of Zaporozhye

The “Transformation” rehabilitation center does not refuse to help seriously ill patients, a team of specialists will put any patient on their feet. If you need compulsory treatment, and it is prohibited in our country, the doctor will provide assistance at home. The conversation with our psychologist is so effective that in 85% of cases the patient will agree to go to the clinic voluntarily.

Why you need to opt for the Transformation rehabilitation center

Rehabilitation center in Zaporozhye Rehabilitation center in Zaporozhye Rehabilitation center in Zaporozhye Rehabilitation center in Zaporozhye Rehabilitation center in Zaporozhye Rehabilitation center in Zaporozhye Rehabilitation center in Zaporozhye Rehabilitation center in Zaporozhye      

  1. Treatment is anonymous
    This point is perhaps the most important. In state drug dispensaries, treatment is free, but a person is automatically registered, and this is a stigma for life. Naturally, many are afraid to apply to government agencies, but there is a way out — an anonymous rehabilitation center for drug addicts. In private clinics, drug addiction is treated completely anonymously.
  2. Qualified specialists
    Experienced psychologists work in our team, they will provide first aid to a drug addict, namely, they will find out what substance the person used. After the doctor found out what the patient was taking, you can start treatment – detoxification. Attentive staff will cleanse the body of the decay products of drugs and relieve withdrawal syndrome.
  3. Psychological assistance
    To completely recover from addiction, you need to work a lot with a psychologist, both in individual meetings and in group. At group meetings, the patient is psychologically easier, he communicates and listens to the stories of former drug addicts – someone else’s experience motivates. At meetings with a psychologist, the patient is told what drugs will do to his body if he does not stop taking it right now, put everything on the shelves, teach him to think correctly.
  4. Drug addiction treatment in Zaporozhye
    To recover from addiction, you no longer need to go to another city, which has a drug treatment center,   The International Anti-Drug Association of Ukraine has made sure that there is a modern rehabilitation center in Zaporozhye. A private clinic of this level has everything for a speedy recovery: diagnostic equipment, medicines, experienced staff, comfortable rooms and wards that are not inferior in terms of the amenities of a hotel room.

About the “Transformation” rehabilitation center

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The center uses a modern method of drug addiction treatment “12 steps”. This system is used in rehab all over the world, only treatment according to this principle is able to help the addict. At the first signs of a change in the behavior of your loved one, call the center’s hotline, consultation is free. The clinic also treats not only drug addiction, but also alcoholism and gambling addiction.

Our specialists


Rehabilitation center in Zaporozhye
Klimova Irina Igorevna, 36 years old. Due to a problem with alcohol consumption, in 2016 she underwent a rehabilitation course at the International Anti-Drug Association. For 2016-2019 completed a course of resocialization, a school of chemical addiction, a school of art therapy and advanced training, graduates from the Dnipropetrovsk Humanitarian University with a degree in Psychology.

Responsibly approaches work with different age groups. Leads groups to build self-esteem, personal achievement and self-confidence. Conducts group and individual consultations with chemically dependent people and their families.

Rehabilitation center in Zaporozhye
Zykov Evgeny Vladimirovich, 27 years old. He was dependent for about 8 years. In January 2013 he came for rehabilitation and after completing a full course and training, he became an employee of the International Anti-Drug Association. Currently he is the head of the therapeutic process of the Zaporizhzhya branch of the IAA.

Eugene found himself in helping people who suffer from all kinds of addictions, by his own example and experience, he helps people change their lives for the better. Life motto: “Through hardships to the stars!”

Psychologist, psychotherapist with over 5 years of consulting practice.

5 years of experience in counseling and therapy in the field of addictive behavior.

Cognitive skills trainer.