Rehabilitation center in Chisinau, Moldova

Rehabilitation center in Chisinau, Moldova Drugs are an illusion of power that very quickly draws you into their networks, from which it is almost impossible to break out on your own. Just one dose will give inspiration, confidence, euphoria, all troubles and sorrows will be instantly forgotten. And then the reckoning will come: pain, depression, suicidal thoughts. Drug addiction treatment in Chisinau is a way to change, move from destruction to creation and be able to break this destructive connection.

How to beat drug addiction?

Very often, the addict admits that the problem really exists, and even agrees to treatment. But the psychological attachment is very strong, and the body seems to resist such abstinence, demanding a new dose of drugs (pain, weakness, vomiting, hand tremors appear). As a result, a breakdown inevitably occurs – the addicted person stops even trying to cope with this misfortune, gradually sinking into the abyss of hopelessness. Among the main reasons that only aggravate the situation are the following:

  • Lack of drug support – detoxification will help completely cleanse all organs and systems from the poison that destroys them, and drug therapy normalizes the general condition, improves sleep and restores metabolic processes.
  • Co-dependent relationships with the family – the closest relatives live to please the addict, trying to hide this disease from others, and also to provide the addict with comfortable conditions (cover at work, give money).
  • The negative influence of friends – communicating with those who are tightly on the needle of narcotic drugs, it is almost impossible to make a firm decision and take the path of correction. Even after defeating withdrawal and refraining from psychoactive substances for some time, in the future, the person again returns to these shackles.

That is why treatment in a rehabilitation center is the only possible option. Only by breaking free from the familiar environment, staying away from family, colleagues and acquaintances, can one really realize the current problem and find ways out of this situation, and experienced drug therapists, therapists, psychiatrists will support and help in this matter.

Drug addiction treatment in Chisinau

Medical tourism is rapidly gaining momentum – more and more people go abroad, entrusting their health to qualified foreign doctors. In the fight against drugs, this is one of the best solutions, because being on the other side, you can get rid of all the temptations in one fell swoop and focus solely on treatment. Comfortable conditions have been created for patients:

  • 24/7 medical assistance;
  • cozy spacious rooms, green area for walking;
  • the strictest anonymity.

Rehabilitation center for drug addicts in Chisinau is a healing air, an abundance of vegetation, a mild climate. The combination of these factors contributes to a speedy recovery, helping not to lose heart in difficult times. Being in a team of like-minded people, those who are united by a common goal and aspiration, you can receive much-needed support and understanding.

Rehabilitation center in Chisinau, Moldova

How is the treatment in the rehabilitation center?

The recovery period is a long journey, during which the personality changes. A person becomes more confident in his abilities, realizes his own value, which helps to achieve a result. At the initial stage, all the efforts of doctors are aimed at cleansing the body and maintaining all organs and systems. After successful detoxification, the patient proceeds to the 12-step rehabilitation program:

  • confession of guilt in what happened, atonement;
  • taking responsibility for one’s actions, forming new habits, completely changing a destructive lifestyle;
  • a confident transition from the role of a weak, weak-willed person who constantly needs help, to the image of a mentor, filled with strength and confidence.

Change doesn’t happen overnight – it takes months. The body, thoughts, and soul are purified – as if clean, cool water washes away all the bad things that have accumulated during the period of addiction. All this time, the patient is supported by psychotherapists – there is an opportunity to share their experiences both alone with the doctor and in a group, and in a circle of like-minded people it will be much easier to do this.

Rehabilitation center in Chisinau, Moldova

How to go abroad for treatment?

Success begins with action – this rule is relevant in any situation. To undergo treatment in a foreign rehabilitation center, you need to contact specialists who are ready to provide a full range of services: from organizing a trip to resocialization, allowing you to return to a normal, full life in society. You just need to decide to make the first call and get advice, then further questions will disappear by themselves.

Drug addiction treatment in Chisinau is a real chance to get rid of addiction, and the high probability of achieving a result is confirmed by dozens of happy stories. You should not try to fight on your own, as if swimming against the current and losing strength – having enlisted professional support, it will be much easier to do.