Rehabilitation center in Baku, Azerbaijan

Drugs are a way to feel like a superhuman, not knowing fear and weakness. An alternative reality crowds out the familiar world, all that remains is the desire to receive a new dose. According to sad statistics, the number of drug addicts is increasing annually – this figure has already reached 30 thousand people in Azerbaijan. This necessitates opening a rehabilitation center in Baku, in which patients and their codependent relatives receive qualified assistance.

Drug addiction treatment at the IAA branch in Azerbaijan

The work of the centers of the International Anti-Drug Association is based on the use of methods that have rightfully been recognized as the best. Treatment takes place in stages:

  • detoxification – medicinal cleansing of the body, restoration of metabolic processes, support of the nervous system, normalization of sleep;
  • rehabilitation – working with psychologists and psychotherapists to find the root of the problem, avoid future breakdowns, set a goal for returning to a healthy life;
  • resocialization – returning to society, breaking old destructive ties, psychosocial restoration of personality and finding one’s own “I”.

Rehabilitation centers in Azerbaijan use the “12 steps” program. The patient recognizes the problem, assesses its scale and consequences, analyzes the mistakes and guilt towards others. Apologizing to loved ones for the pain caused, the former drug addict becomes stronger, his soul is cleared of evil and resentment – he finds the strength to continue living on, caring not only about himself, but also others. Those who successfully complete the course of treatment become mentors who support newcomers in this long struggle.

Rehabilitation center in Baku

During the recovery period, it is important to eliminate any triggers that will become a reminder of a dangerous passion. The ability to move to another country, starting a new, happy life away from home and the toxic effects of familiar surroundings, significantly increases the chances of achieving the desired goal by coping with the disease. Treatment of drug addiction in Azerbaijan means comfortable conditions for patients:

  • the MAA branch is located on the shores of the Caspian Sea – leisurely walks along the beach, the beauty of raging waves, ease, peace;
  • spacious and cozy rooms – in a house of 300 m2, surrounded by a pomegranate garden, there are only 16 beds, which will allow you to enjoy your vacation with like-minded people united by a common aspiration;
  • round-the-clock medical care and modern equipment – during the recovery period, medication therapy and the support of experienced “psychologists” are important, who will help you not to break down, after completing the planned path.

Rehabilitation center for alcoholics in Azerbaijan accepts clients with various types of addictions and is open to citizens of any country. This place was created for those who want to fight, escape from the gloomy darkness, regain self-respect.

Where can a drug addict go for help?

Even a single drug intake causes a strong desire to experience this sensation again, and it is not easy to resist it. Being in the grip of psychoactive substances for a long time, a person does not find the strength to cope with this problem – the body with pain and physical suffering “screams” about the need to get a new dose. Unsuccessful attempts to quit only kill motivation – you need to act decisively. Once and for all, eradicate old habits, leave for another country, trust professionals, go through all the stages of the “12 steps” program – change both externally and internally. Drug addiction treatment in Baku is a unique chance that important for a person caught in the chains of stimulants. It is important not to miss it by calling the contact numbers and receiving a detailed free consultation right now – it’s time to take the first step towards recovery.

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