Rehabilitation center “Transformation” in the Dnieper under the International Antinarcotics Association

Drug addiction is a problem in modern society. A person suffering from this problem requires special attention, which can be provided by our rehabilitation center, a private rehabilitation center for drug addicts “Transformation” in Dnipro and branches in Ukraine.

Rehabilitation of drug addicts in the Center “Transformation”: the benefits of drug addiction treatment in Dnipro

To help the patient overcome addiction, our specialists use an integrated approach according to the world famous “12 steps” program for the treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling addiction and rehabilitation for post-traumatic syndrome. Having overcome the last 12th step, a person will no longer want to return to his old life as a drug addict.

The Rehabilitation Center “Transformation” has branches in many regional centers of Ukraine – Dnipro (Dnepropetrovsk), Odessa, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Kiev, Kherson, Cherkassy and others, which allows how to carry out treatment drug addiction close to home, and withdraw the drug addict from the usual social circle, which can negatively affect the rehabilitation process. Psychological, athletic and spiritual recovery are essential complements to medical treatment to enable drug addicts to return to full life.

Advantages of drug addiction treatment at the Rehabilitation Center for Drug Addicts “Transformation” in Dnipro

  • Usually, a drug rehabilitation center is a closed institution. However, the private rehabilitation center for drug addicts “Transformation” is a cottage, remote from the hustle and bustle of the city in a quiet area. They use a special approach to the treatment of drug addicts, which is fundamentally different from the classical methods of drug addiction treatment. Home environment and coziness, the absence of people in white coats and much more allow patients not to feel “locked up”.
  • Since the consciousness of addicted people is directed towards the search for drugs, even with self-appeal, sooner or later a search crisis begins. It is this period that is the most difficult in the life of a person suffering from drug addiction. Qualified help can be provided by our employees in the drug addicts rehabilitation center.
  • A person in the Transformation rehabilitation center gradually learns to live in a society without psychotropic substances, to understand his own feelings, to adequately respond to everything that happens around – in a word, he is being transformed.
  • Treatment of drug addiction and other addictions in our center is completely anonymous, therefore the rehabilitation center for drug addicts ensures a painless return of wards to a normal life in a society.
  • Rehabilitation of drug addicts is a difficult process that takes a long time. The length of stay in the center depends on the severity of the addiction, the minimum recommended period is from 6 months to a year.
  • Often, it is those who themselves have gone through this thorny path that they can understand and provide the necessary support, so not only doctors and specialists of various qualifications work in the rehabilitation center, but also those volunteers who were able to cope with their addiction, that is, former patients.

An effective program for the treatment of drug addicts in the Rehabilitation Center “Transformation”

The drug rehabilitation center in Dnipro and across Ukraine provides real assistance to people suffering from addiction and their relatives. To this end, in the “Transformation” they carry out rehabilitation according to the “12 steps” program, which gives almost 100% result (the statistical indicator of the center, subject to the conditions and recommendations of the “12 steps” program).

Rehabilitation center for drug addicts changes habits, character, fills with optimism and teaches to live in a new way. The main thing in the rehabilitation of drug addicts is faith and hope for a cure, as well as the support of relatives and friends. Paid rehabilitation center “Transformation” – here they will understand you and help you!


How to recognize the symptoms of drug addiction and respond in time

Attention to the problems of loved ones is never excessive, and in the case of drug addiction, it is this that plays a decisive role in the soonest return of the addict to a full life and even in preserving his life. The following symptoms may indicate a person’s drug addiction, and in this case, we recommend that you immediately seek help from the “Transformation” Rehabilitation Center for Drug Addicts:

  • Frequent absence of a person without good reason. The person does not give any intelligible explanations about his absence. The person close to you becomes secretive, stops contact with old friends and acquaintances.
  • New people appear in his environment, with whom he is reluctant to introduce you.
  • Excessive irritability and rudeness, unwillingness to communicate.
  • A person close to you loses interest not only in everything new, but also in old hobbies and hobbies.
  • Unexplained waste of money, disappearance of valuables from the house.
  • Regular absenteeism, absence from work.
  • Lies, implausible explanations for changes in one’s behavior, an attempt to manipulate people.
  • Lack of appetite or excessive food intake, disturbances in wakefulness and sleep.
  • Changes in appearance: narrow or dilated pupils, pale skin, injection marks on the hands or other parts of the body.
  • Among his belongings, there are objects that he had not previously used (syringes, medicines, technical fluids, plant remains, etc.).

Help for drug addicts at the Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center

For the treatment of drug addiction, the center for rehabilitation of drug addicts “Transformation” uses a whole range of measures aimed at restoring the physical and mental health of a person, his spiritual revival. Main steps:

  • detoxification;
  • rehabilitation course;
  • resocialization.

Detoxification is designed to cleanse the body of drugs and their decay products. The main goals of this process are not only the neutralization and elimination of toxic substances, but also the stimulation of the body’s natural functions, which are responsible for neutralization and self-cleaning. In addition, the task of doctors is to normalize the activity of internal organs. Depending on the goals set, detoxification can last from 6 hours to two weeks and can significantly reduce the symptoms of withdrawal symptoms.

The Rehabilitation Center for Drug Addicts “Transformation” offers rehabilitation of addicts, the basis of which is the “12 Steps” program, developed in the 1930s in the United States and successfully used to treat all types of addictions. During the rehabilitation and recovery period, psychologists, psychotherapists, rehabilitation therapists and narcologists work with addicts.

For a full recovery, a number of physiotherapeutic procedures can be carried out: aromatherapy sessions, massage procedures, reflexology, water procedures, etc.

Much attention is paid to classes that are aimed at personal development, the formation of a new system of values, improving cognitive functions, acquiring a sense of responsibility for their actions.

An important stage on the path to the complete recovery of the addict is the moment of his return to normal life, in which, as before, stresses and temptations remain, which are often the cause of relapses. The task of psychologists is to help addicts cope with the difficulties of adaptation to new conditions of existence for them. Our clients remain in the field of vision of the center’s specialists even after treatment, continuing outpatient visits, participating in special camps.

Emergency drug treatment at home

If necessary, our specialists go home to provide the necessary assistance. The effectiveness of drug addiction treatment depends on the addict’s conscious desire to undergo treatment, so psychologists conduct motivational conversations that help convince a person of its need.

As for compulsory treatment, it is carried out only in cases where there is a real threat to the life of the addict and only with the consent of the relatives.

Anonymous drug addiction treatment in our center

All services offered by the Transformation Center for Drug Addictions are provided on the basis of complete anonymity. This is another reason why addicts turn to our center – fear of publicity is one of the factors that makes them refuse treatment.