Rehabilitation center in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Rehabilitation center in Almaty, Kazakhstan

The number of people using drugs is constantly growing. More and more young people are sent to rehabilitation centers in Kazakhstan, the lower age limit for which is about 15 years. Most often in Kazakhstan, middle-aged men under 40 use drugs.

A new wave of drug trafficking is associated with the development of the Internet. Anything is sold on the Internet, even synthetic drugs. Any student can buy a dose.

Children usually start with pharmaceutical drugs, then switch to synthetic drugs.

Synthetic drugs primarily affect the human psyche. Such drugs take a long time to get out of the body, they accumulate and break down very slowly.

Why seek help

Rehabilitation center in Almaty, Kazakhstan

It is impossible to quit taking drugs on your own. Even with a very strong desire, the patient refuses them for a while, but the power of dependence wins. As a result, he takes the dose again, but at a much higher dose than before. Strong chemical and psychological dependence occurs.

Therefore, you need to completely turn the addict’s worldview to help get rid of the bad habit and start life from scratch. This is best done away from the addict’s usual social circle, when the trip will not be just a treatment within the walls of a hospital.

Drug addiction treatment in Kazakhstan

Rehabilitation center in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Local residents who are faced with a problem can undergo drug treatment in the Almaty rehabilitation center. The clinic also accepts patients from other countries who prefer treatment abroad . Today, no one will be surprised by the treatment in Europe, Israel and the USA. Kazakhstan is also gaining momentum in the field of medical tourism.

The change in the environment in drug addiction treatment excludes the possibility of drug addicts returning to the environment, therefore the International Anti-Drug Association opened a branch in Kazakhstan in Almaty – in a fabulous place, immersed in greenery, with numerous fountains and parks.

Luxurious nature is combined with a large metropolis, complementing its grandeur with colorful landscapes.

“Garden City” is located at the foot of the Zailiyskiy Alatau ridge. The cleanest air, variety of blooms, mountainous expanses make Almaty unlike any other city.

Drug addiction treatment in Kazakhstan will fill the recovery process with vivid impressions and unforgettable emotions.

The best rehabilitation therapists, psychologists and narcologists work in the Almaty rehabilitation center. They have experience in treating patients of any level of complexity.

Treatment program

For the treatment of chemical and psychological addiction in the rehabilitation center of Almaty, the complex method of treatment “12 steps” is used. < / p>

Its program provides:

  • drug method of getting rid of chemical addiction;
  • psychological activities;
  • resocialization, adaptation of the patient in society.

Each treatment program is formed individually. For the social adaptation of the patient, psychologists conduct classes in groups. The addict does not feel abandoned, seeing other people’s stories of healing, begins to believe in their own strength. This is very motivating.

Working with a psychologist helps the addict find their purpose in life and start from scratch.

In case you need to convince a patient to start treatment, the psychologists of the clinic are ready to provide assistance at home. In most cases, after a conversation with a psychologist, a drug addict is sent for treatment voluntarily.

The Almaty rehabilitation center provides patients with:

  • latest diagnostic equipment;
  • cozy offices and chambers;
  • medication needed.

Rehabilitation center in Almaty, Kazakhstan

The rehabilitation center of Kazakhstan has experience in treating alcohol and gambling addictions.

The rehabilitation center for alcoholics in Kazakhstan provides treatment anonymously.

In free government centers, information about the patient is recorded in the database, so some alcohol and drug addicts do not start treatment.

The Almaty Rehabilitation Center does not share information about its patients.

If you notice signs of addiction in your loved one, do not waste time, call free round-the-clock support.

Help your family start living in a new way!

Photos of the rehabilitation center in Almaty, Kazakhstan