Prevention of drug addiction and alcoholism

Despite all the perniciousness of addiction to alcohol and drugs, people have abused them since ancient times, and the modern scale of drug addiction and alcoholism makes the public look for new methods of fighting for the health of mankind. As for drug addiction, it is most widespread among young people – it is a crushing blow to the present and future of society.

Those who earn fabulous money on this do not stop there, offering those who wish to experience new sensations, drugs that can cause irreparable damage to health and cause addiction after the first intake. In the light of the above, prevention of drug and alcohol addiction is of great importance.

Addiction and alcoholism: some statistics

Some world statistics. About a quarter of a billion people have used mind-altering substances at least once in their lives, and 12% of them are addicted – they are unable to overcome the craving for drugs on their own. About 190,000 people die annually from drug overdose in the world, and most drug addicts are registered in the United States, and they start using drugs from the age of 12.

How are things in Ukraine? According to official statistics, in our country, about 10% of young people, whose age ranges from 15 to 34 years old, use drugs. The increase in the number of drug addicts is associated primarily with the availability of psychoactive substances. Almost 70% of the respondents confirmed that they have the opportunity (at a disco, on an advertisement on the Internet, on a call) to buy marijuana, 25% – opioid drugs, 38% – ecstasy. The first acquaintance with prohibited substances among a third of drug addicts occurs between the ages of 12 and 16.

The situation with alcoholism is no better. There are about 700,000 officially registered alcoholics in Ukraine today. There is one woman for every six men who drink. About a tenth of this number of people had serious mental disorders due to the use of alcoholic beverages. According to studies, only 4% of young people aged 15 to 34 do not drink alcohol, and about 20% of men do it 2-3 times a week. Today the favorite drinks include not only beer, vodka, but also low-alcohol products popular among young people, which are preferred by about 40% of respondents. According to statistics bodies, mortality from alcohol poisoning in Ukraine is 16 times higher than in European countries.

Drug addiction, alcoholism and tobacco smoking have become widespread among Ukrainian youth, the age of most addicts does not exceed 30 years. The problem is aggravated by the high level of unemployment, inaccessibility of higher education for 30% of young people and other socio-economic problems.

Drug prevention activities

Prevention of alcoholism and drug addiction is a system of measures aimed at limiting the spread of narcotic substances, as well as anti-drug and anti-alcohol propaganda, which is carried out in the media, in society.

Prevention should be differentiated and targeted at specific target groups, each of which is susceptible to one measure and absolutely not susceptible to others. There are hundreds of factors that can cause addiction, which operate on an individual or social level. The main goal of preventive measures is to counter these factors.

General prevention should affect all categories of young people, and its main tasks should be to counter the common causes of drug and alcohol use. These can be political, economic changes in society, which can influence the behavior of its members. The main measures of general prevention are:

  • promoting a healthy lifestyle;
  • informing about the impact of drugs and alcohol on physical and mental health, the risks associated with their use;
  • encouraging young people to seek professional help from psychologists, narcologists;
  • building a positive value system;
  • building skills that will allow adolescents to adapt to difficult life situations;
  • education of leaders among youth.

In addition, selective prevention of drug addiction among adolescents is carried out, which is aimed at working with children with behavioral disorders. The main idea of ​​this type of prevention is that the introduction to drugs and alcohol occurs against the background of any psychological or other problems that a teenager cannot overcome on his own. The purpose of the events is to identify such problems in adolescents as early as possible and provide appropriate psychological assistance.

Prevention can be directed not only at those who have not yet become addicted to alcohol and drugs, but also at those who have experience of using them. There are a number of signs and behavioral changes that indicate an addiction to psychoactive substances, for example, indifference to what is happening around, a change in the usual social circle, depression, etc. It is very important to establish a trusting relationship with this group of people, since they are often outside areas of attention of the official health care system.

Rehabilitation is a special area of ​​prevention. This is a series of activities aimed at restoring psychological and physical health, adapting addicts to a new life for them – without drugs. An important stage in rehabilitation is prevention, which allows you to prevent relapses, to keep human behavior within the framework of the formed principles of a healthy lifestyle.

Rehabilitation in the center “AntiNarkotik”

Both drug addicts themselves and their loved ones turn to the AntiNarkotik rehabilitation center for help. It is the vigilance of the latter that most often helps prevent the formation of addiction, save the lives of people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Accepting help is a very important step for addicts, but this is the only chance to return to normal life, to form a new value system.

Seek help when you encounter the following typical symptoms of addiction:

  • aggressive behavior, irritability;
  • poor sleep (violation of the biological clock: wakefulness at night, sleep during the day, poor sleep);
  • intense thirst, hyperappetitis;
  • fits of laughter;
  • depression;
  • hallucinations, etc.

You are unlikely to be able to persuade the addict to treatment with threats and violence – this is fraught with even greater mistrust on the part of the patient. Only the desire of the addict or alcoholic himself is decisive for the success of any rehabilitation program. If necessary, the necessary motivational measures should be taken that will allow the addict to make an independent decision.

The basis of the course is the unique 12 Steps program, which over the decades of its existence has helped hundreds of thousands of people get rid of addiction. Addicts have to go through several stages: detoxification, rehabilitation and resocialization. At the first stage, doctors help cleanse the patient’s body of toxins, which helps to normalize the functioning of internal organs and systems, reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms, but the last two stages are the most important.

Rehabilitation at the center helps to completely change the human value system, find new landmarks, learn to enjoy life and overcome difficulties without changing consciousness. It is equally important to help addicts to adapt after completing the course – this is the task of resocialization. Even after rehabilitation, the patients of the center remain in the field of vision of specialists who help to cope with life’s problems. Various activities involving former addicts are good prevention of drug and alcohol abuse.

Prevention as the main method of combating drug and alcohol addiction

The activities of the Anti-Drug Center are not limited to rehabilitation. The clinic’s specialists consider their task not only to help addicts, but also to prevent them. This is a number of different projects that help make our society healthy and successful:

  • information programs aimed at the prevention of drug addiction, alcoholism, tobacco smoking in schools, universities;
  • work with codependents (special courses for relatives, which allow creating the necessary conditions for the prevention of relapse);
  • workshops for codependents;
  • psychological assistance and advice on any type of addiction over the phone;
  • training camps for convalescents and their families, where they have the opportunity to communicate and share experiences with each other, with famous people;
  • sports competitions between dependent teams;
  • outreach activities in the media – prevention of drug addiction, tobacco smoking, alcoholism.

The goal of the rehabilitation center is not just to give up the use of psychoactive substances (PAS) and alcohol, cigarettes, but also to create conditions that allow a person in the future not to become hostage to these addictions again.


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Igor, 25
Hello everyone. He began using drugs by injection at 15, alcohol and grass were even earlier. During the period of use, problems with the police, health and the loss of all relationships with people close to me became the norm. In the last 2-3 years, the meaning of life was lost, I was deeply depressed with suicidal thoughts. 4.5 years ago I applied to the
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Before I turned to MAA for help, it seemed to me that my life had lost all meaning. I was on the verge of being overcome by feelings of despair. Thoughts about death. The drug has destroyed all areas of my life. Rehabilitation restored my confidence in myself. The team of the IAA, Dnipro region, in my opinion, performed a miracle. I completed the program and made the decision to learn and develop in the organization. The support of the MAA therapeutic community gives me the confidence and strength to move on and live soberly.
I am 18 years old. I have been drinking alcohol for 3 years, which is why all these years I got into unpleasant situations, after which I miraculously remained alive. Because of my use, I lost control of myself, relations with my family deteriorated intolerable. At one point, my father brought me to rehabilitation, for which I am now grateful to him after completing a full course of rehabilitation. I had enough time to think it over and put everything in its place in my delusions and inability to control my use and further life. This organization taught me a lot. First, I learned to live in sobriety, cry and laugh with real feelings, say “I love” my parents, appreciate many little things that I had not previously paid attention to, reconsidered my views on the world. MAA is changing my life in stages.
I have been using opium for about 8 years and have three convictions. I haven't worked anywhere for more than two months. Once in rehabilitation, he stopped using drugs, established relations with relatives and friends. He began to live a normal life - for which I am grateful to the association.
I express my deep gratitude to the staff of the center for their desire to make our relatives healthy, to guide them along the difficult path to a sober life and to instill a desire to stay sober. Roman has been married for three years. When our child was born, I found out that my husband is a drug addict. He was on the verge and did not know how to continue to live, but he wanted to get rid of this bad habit. Roman's mom and I found an ad for MAA Dnipro on the Internet and called there. The next day he was already at the center, where he began to undergo a rehabilitation program in the city of Dnipro. 30 months have passed, my husband is sober. At the moment, he works in the same center where he underwent rehabilitation. Now my husband is helping other addicts to fight the “disease”. Now we rejoice in every day we have lived, I have no more anxiety for my husband, for the future of our family. I know that everything will be fine now. I don't want to go back to the past. Thanks to the center, my spouse climbed out of the bottom, where drugs had lowered him. I wish you health, success in your hard work, to which you devote your life. Thank you.
I want to say a huge thank you to the staff of MAA Dnipro, who support my son Roman in sobriety to this day. The son was addicted for 17 years, when our family learned about his

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