Why Choose Us?

In “Transformation” we are proud to provide the best program in Ukraine for drug addiction treatment and alcoholism . Our goal is to make the addiction rehabilitation process as comfortable as possible for the client.

Our rehabilitation program has been developed on the basis of many years of experience of narcologists, psychotherapists, rehabilitation therapists and research in the field of the effectiveness of rehabilitation methods. We accompany each of our clients and closely monitor the progress in the rehabilitation program, making sure that the recovery from addiction is successful and the effect of its passage is fixed. The rehabilitation program is developed individually to increase the chances of a full recovery.

Our rehabilitators have extensive experience and the necessary skills to work with depressive conditions, as well as with alcohol, drug and gambling addiction, and they know firsthand how to help a person cope with these conditions. Our clients are working closely on their addiction with those who have once suffered from addiction, thus the client realizes that the feelings they are experiencing are a reflection of the feelings of an equal.

We work with you, your loved ones and medical staff with one goal – to achieve your success in recovery. Your treatment is healing, a life-long process, during which we will guide and support you, from rehabilitation, resocialization, and ending with support after completing the program, self-help groups for relatives (codependents). In other words, we are here to optimize your recovery not only today, but throughout your life.

Every day we hear from our clients about the “latest innovations” in the treatment of addictions, which they tried on themselves, but, as it turned out, they turned out to be ineffective. We want you to be successful in your recovery. We guarantee you that in “Transformation” you will receive a high-quality detox and undergo a comfortable recovery program that will help you lay the foundation for long-term sobriety and a healthy life.

In “Transformation” you will receive over 45 hours of one-to-one psychotherapy per month and 30 hours per week of dynamic group sessions that will change your life forever.

If you need help with addiction treatment or you know someone who needs help, please call us.

See for yourself that we have not been unfounded for the past 15 years holding the position of the most effective drug recovery program in Ukraine.