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Александр Шуляк

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Александр Шуляк

Why is drug addiction treatment abroad more effective than treatment at home?

Drug addiction is a heavy burden. Even if a person has made a firm decision to part with an addiction, moral and physical strength is often not enough to achieve the desired goal. Only by completely changing, going through the path of purification and revaluation, can we cope with this misfortune. That is why rehabilitation abroad is rapidly gaining popularity. In a specialized center, far from relatives and friends, the addict will be able to understand himself and find something worth living for.

Why is treatment in your home country ineffective?

Determination alone is not enough to go through all the stages of rehabilitation. The connection is too strong to resist, even with the support of doctors who watch and monitor the patient around the clock. Moreover, drug addicts are able to show remarkable efforts to get the coveted dose - in a hometown full of old acquaintances, this is quite easy to do. And this is the main reason in favor of using the services of medical tourism and going to another country for treatment. This solution opens up certain possibilities:

  • rehabilitation is easy and comfortable - away from the whole world, in a cozy room, among like-minded people, the patient receives support, understanding and care;
  • there are no temptations - the probability of a breakdown is reduced to zero, since with all the desire to get the next portion of the drug is almost impossible;
  • consciousness changes - being in a normal environment, a person seems to "cling" to the old life, it is difficult for him to accept something new, therefore, the healing process is significantly slowed down.

Going on vacation, everyone experiences a pleasant uplift - this gives strength and inspiration. In drug addiction treatment it is so important to get the support you need - to be heard. Therefore, by changing the environment, country, place of residence, breaking old ties, you can get a ticket to a happy life.

How to get drug addiction treatment abroad?

In any country, you can find at least a dozen drug treatment clinics. It is enough to pay for the course of treatment, as well as purchase the necessary plane / train / bus tickets - and you can hit the road. Just don't forget about the possible "pitfalls" that can negate the benefits of overseas rehabilitation:

  • Language barrier - if you fail to explain yourself, get detailed advice and answers to your questions, you can waste time, as well as pay for imposed additional services for a significant amount, spending money absolutely in vain.
  • "Overlay" with transport - it is very difficult to dock everything correctly, especially if there is no experience in organizing such trips. Even if the addict is interested in treatment, his resolve may fade away at some point, he will want to return home, to his usual environment - and the attempt to defeat the addiction will end in failure once again.
  • "Medical deception" - you can easily fall for the "bait" of fraudsters, entrusting life and health to those who cannot provide quality services.

It is not worth the risk - in practice, this not only will not help save money, but will also require significant financial costs. By contacting a reliable organization that has dozens of rehabilitation centers open, the patient gains confidence that the treatment will proceed exactly as expected, and the result will entirely depend on the efforts made.

Benefits of drug addiction treatment abroad

Special attention is paid to the client safety rehabilitation center - each patient is under the supervision of doctors 24/7. The strictest anonymity is maintained, so no one will ever know about the treatment, and in the future this will not become a hindrance to employment. There are other reasons to go abroad after completing a rehabilitation course:

  • an individual recovery program is drawn up for each patient, taking into account the characteristics of the organism, age, duration of addiction and other factors;
  • the residents of the rehabilitation center do not sit in locked rooms, they are provided with various entertainment and activities that allow them to find interesting hobbies, learn new professions and find their starting point on the path to health and happiness;
  • a former drug addict will completely break off vicious ties, and in the future he can stay to live and work in another country or return to his homeland to start a new life without drugs.

Every missed opportunity is a step backwards, which only complicates the current situation. You should not postpone important decisions, because just one call can change the present and the future, help to cope with disaster, deleting this sad page of your past. You just need to contact a rehabilitation center to get detailed advice and go for treatment abroad.

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