Author: Александр Шуляк

Александр Шуляк

Координатор группы созависимых, психотерапевт
Александр Шуляк

Official meeting with Virginia Dambruscaite (EU)

Today, representatives of the Center for Healthy Youth met with the Adviser of the Support Group of Ukraine in Healthcare and Social Policy of the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine - Virginia Dambruskaite.

The following acute problems of modern Ukraine were discussed at the official meeting:

✔️ Lack of a unified state policy in the field of assistance to persons suffering from addiction disease;

✔️ Obstacles that arise in the activities of institutions providing assistance to addicts, in particular the lack of state financial assistance;

✔️ The need to involve international experts in the process of building a state anti-drug strategy, as well as deepening international cooperation in the field of drug policy in order to implement the successful experience of European states;

✔️ The need for standardization and legal regulation of the activities of centers for the provision of assistance to addicts;

✔️ Opportunities for attracting international countries or donor organizations to financial support of non-state aid centers for addicts operating in Ukraine.

It is safe to say that the meeting was more than productive. Both sides received important and useful information and advice; verbal agreements were reached on further opportunities for cooperation; and Virginia was invited to the all-Ukrainian conference of centers for the assistance of addicts, which is scheduled for October-November, and involves the presence of representatives of state authorities and international organizations. Moving on!

80th anniversary of Nikolay Fedorovich Kostin - the first mayor of Vinnitsa

Today we visited a very atmospheric event - the 80th Anniversary of the first mayor of Vinnitsa Nikolai Fedorovich Kostin, with whom we congratulated Nikolai Fedorovich during a meeting of the executive committee of the city council.

Nikolai Fedorovich headed the city in the early years of Ukraine's independence. Then he was a deputy of the Vinnitsa city council of eight convocations and became the first person who made a significant contribution to the development of Vinnitsa.

Thanks for the invitation!

Best regards, # МАА_Vinnitsa

Seminar for relatives and friends of addicts (Vinnytsia)

Today, a regular seminar was held for relatives and friends of those who are recovering from addiction.

I chose Boundaries and Areas of Responsibility as the topic for the workshop, but it is closely related to the topic of Codependency. Therefore, in today's meeting, we looked at two closely related and very important topics during the recovery of all family members.

Thanks to everyone who attended. Let's continue in the same spirit!

Best regards, # МАА_Vinnitsa

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