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Александр Шуляк

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Александр Шуляк

The beginning of cooperation with the Association of Psychologists and Psychotherapists of the Republic of Moldova

27.08.2019, the European Institute of Addictions “ADOMED”, signed a cooperation agreement with the chairman of the Association of Psychologists and Psychotherapists of the Republic of Moldova, the head of the psychological center “SFERA”, psychologist, hypnotherapist and doctor of pedagogy, psychological workshop Varban Irina. Irina is also a senior lecturer at the Department of Psychology at Slavic University and a member of the professional Psychotherapeutic League.

We know that this day marked the beginning of a productive collaboration that will help provide effective and comprehensive assistance to hundreds of addicts throughout the country!

Help with gambling, alcoholism and drug addiction should be comprehensive. This is the basis of the psychosocial rehabilitation program, which consists of three stages and includes work with specialized specialists. In the fight against addiction, this is support, support and an opportunity to get a chance for recovery.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment program

Treatment of drug and alcohol addicted patients includes work both individually and in groups. Program participants receive all the necessary information about addiction, risks and consequences. The provision of psychological assistance and the spiritual and moral development of the individual make it possible to firmly take a new path, forming new habits and breaking the connection with the destructive past. Rehabilitation stages:

  • adaptation;
  • integration;
  • stabilization.

Narcologists, doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists take part in the treatment, representatives of the clergy are involved in cooperation. We are working with families, there are groups for codependents.

Treatment results

All efforts are aimed at restoring mental health, eliminating emotional stress, which becomes the main prevention of possible breakdowns. Expected outcome of treatment:

  • the patient will be able to refuse any stimulants (drugs, alcohol);
  • will receive information about the dependency in full and learn how to use it;
  • will follow the developed plan for recovery and resolution of psycho-emotional problems (short-term and long-term options are provided);
  • will seek help promptly if there is a risk of relapse.

Patients are socialized, get a chance to build a strong family, they form the correct spiritual and moral worldview. Rehabilitation will help you prepare to participate in the Peer-to-Peer program and become a member of the therapeutic community.

The Social Lift Resocialization Project

Drug addicts and alcoholics who have overcome the addiction find it difficult to return to normal life. For this, a re-socialization project “Social Lift” is envisaged:

  • Sports training – classes are held under the guidance of experienced sparring partners, coaches, national and world champions in martial arts.
  • School of Social Work – activities in educational institutions and clinics, supportive therapy. Introduction to the basics of crisis counseling, ethics and public speaking courses.
  • Creativity – based on the National Academic Theater. Ivan Franko has classes in acting (speech, movement), vocals, dancing, directing.
  • Media direction – journalism, courses for videographers and videographers (filming, editing, equipment tuning), interviewing, scripting.

The program was developed by qualified specialists taking into account the wishes of patients and their relatives. The work has been going on for more than two years, training and further training of future employees of rehabilitation centers, who have gained knowledge about the types of chemical addiction, treatment and subsequent recovery, are provided.

ADOMED in numbers

  • 5 countries (Moldova, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Estonia);
  • 3 therapy camps per year;
  • 9,740 people who applied for psychosocial rehabilitation;
  • 5870 patients who received psychosocial support;
  • 870 drug addicts who terminated the program early;
  • 620 patients on treatment;
  • 1550 people in remission from 1 to 3 years;
  • 1080 people in remission from 3 to 5 years;
  • 192 married couples who have built strong relationships;
  • 86 born children.


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Recovery stories

Анна, 25
Friends, hello everyone! I want to say a big thank you to the
Igor, 25
Hello everyone. He began using drugs by injection at 15, alcohol and grass were even earlier. During the period of use, problems with the police, health and the loss of all relationships with people close to me became the norm. In the last 2-3 years, the meaning of life was lost, I was deeply depressed with suicidal thoughts. 4.5 years ago I applied to the
Sergei, 33
I am from the Luhansk region, at the moment I have been in complete sobriety for 4 years. Before the rehabilitation center
Alexei, 30
My name is Aleksey. I am 30 years old and addicted. At the moment I am in stable remission thanks to the
Hello everybody. I have been in trouble since 93 and have been using everything. The last seven years have been a dense heroin system. Nothing helped, neither detoxification, nor grandmothers, nor sorcerers. At the next detoxification in narcology, he met with an employee of the rehabilitation center
Novel, 38
Before I turned to MAA for help, it seemed to me that my life had lost all meaning. I was on the verge of being overcome by feelings of despair. Thoughts about death. The drug has destroyed all areas of my life. Rehabilitation restored my confidence in myself. The team of the IAA, Dnipro region, in my opinion, performed a miracle. I completed the program and made the decision to learn and develop in the organization. The support of the MAA therapeutic community gives me the confidence and strength to move on and live soberly.
I am 18 years old. I have been drinking alcohol for 3 years, which is why all these years I got into unpleasant situations, after which I miraculously remained alive. Because of my use, I lost control of myself, relations with my family deteriorated intolerable. At one point, my father brought me to rehabilitation, for which I am now grateful to him after completing a full course of rehabilitation. I had enough time to think it over and put everything in its place in my delusions and inability to control my use and further life. This organization taught me a lot. First, I learned to live in sobriety, cry and laugh with real feelings, say “I love” my parents, appreciate many little things that I had not previously paid attention to, reconsidered my views on the world. MAA is changing my life in stages.
I have been using opium for about 8 years and have three convictions. I haven't worked anywhere for more than two months. Once in rehabilitation, he stopped using drugs, established relations with relatives and friends. He began to live a normal life - for which I am grateful to the association.
I express my deep gratitude to the staff of the center for their desire to make our relatives healthy, to guide them along the difficult path to a sober life and to instill a desire to stay sober. Roman has been married for three years. When our child was born, I found out that my husband is a drug addict. He was on the verge and did not know how to continue to live, but he wanted to get rid of this bad habit. Roman's mom and I found an ad for MAA Dnipro on the Internet and called there. The next day he was already at the center, where he began to undergo a rehabilitation program in the city of Dnipro. 30 months have passed, my husband is sober. At the moment, he works in the same center where he underwent rehabilitation. Now my husband is helping other addicts to fight the “disease”. Now we rejoice in every day we have lived, I have no more anxiety for my husband, for the future of our family. I know that everything will be fine now. I don't want to go back to the past. Thanks to the center, my spouse climbed out of the bottom, where drugs had lowered him. I wish you health, success in your hard work, to which you devote your life. Thank you.
I want to say a huge thank you to the staff of MAA Dnipro, who support my son Roman in sobriety to this day. The son was addicted for 17 years, when our family learned about his

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