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Александр Шуляк

International Anti-Drug Congress “Dnipro 2020


From 15 to 20 October, the Public Union “International Anti-Drug Association”, the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Public Organization “Dnipropetrovsk Center for Healthy Youth” and the public organization “MAKE DNEPR HEALTHY” held the “International Anti-Drug Congress” Dnipro 2020 “under the slogan” INSERT LIFE WITHOUT DRUGS IN FASHION! !! “. This project is being implemented within the framework of the “Program for the development of local self-government and coverage of the activities of the Dnieper City Council, its executive bodies and utilities for 2017 – 2020” with the support of the Dnieper City Council.

The purpose of the congress is to establish active international cooperation between civil society institutions, local governments and local government bodies, the media for the exchange of experience i dissemination of best practices in the field of drug addiction prevention and the formation of a healthy lifestyle, presentation and discussion of the possibility of association of the city of Dnipro with the ECAD (European Cities Against Drugs) – European cities are drug free. As well as improving the image of the city of Dnipro as a modern and influencing city in Ukraine and the European community.

The Congress has been attended by more than 500 participants from the city of Dnipro, regions of Ukraine and abroad (online Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, France, Sweden) from among young people undergoing psycho-social rehabilitation (250 people), as well as musicians and singers (about 50 people), athletes and public figures (about 60 people), government officials, volunteers, politicians and bloggers, doctors, psychologists and many others (about 150 people).

Conducted Basic Training of the “Youth Worker” Program (25 people will receive state certificates).

Specialized training “Attracting and coordinating volunteers” of the “Youth Worker” Program (25 people).

The training program “Civil-legal resocialization” together with public figures, lawyers (advocates), representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, practical psychologists, youth workers and other specialists (75 people).

Competitions in 16 sports (football, volleyball, tug-of-war, basketball, water polo, swimming, tennis, Archeri-tag and others) and quests.

Therapeutic and motivational groups with famous people, psychologists or athletes, seminars, game and art therapy trainings, concerts.

Workshop (ZUMINAR): “The modern city is the driving force of the state drug policy” (50 people, online). Based on the results of the presentation and discussion of the possibility of association of the city of Dnipro with the ECAD (European Cities Against Drugs) – European cities free from drugs, the Public Council and the Dnieper City Council decided to join the city of the ECAD.

Dnipro will become the first city in Ukraine to become part of ECAD. Thus, the city will consolidate its flagship position in the fight against drug addiction and expand opportunities for cooperation with foreign partners. The main goal of the ECAD organization is the democratic development of drug-free cities and communities, the development and promotion of programs to combat drug trafficking. Now 250 cities in 20 European countries are ECAD members.


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Анна, 25
Friends, hello everyone! I want to say a big thank you to the
Igor, 25
Hello everyone. He began using drugs by injection at 15, alcohol and grass were even earlier. During the period of use, problems with the police, health and the loss of all relationships with people close to me became the norm. In the last 2-3 years, the meaning of life was lost, I was deeply depressed with suicidal thoughts. 4.5 years ago I applied to the
Sergei, 33
I am from the Luhansk region, at the moment I have been in complete sobriety for 4 years. Before the rehabilitation center
Alexei, 30
My name is Aleksey. I am 30 years old and addicted. At the moment I am in stable remission thanks to the
Hello everybody. I have been in trouble since 93 and have been using everything. The last seven years have been a dense heroin system. Nothing helped, neither detoxification, nor grandmothers, nor sorcerers. At the next detoxification in narcology, he met with an employee of the rehabilitation center
Novel, 38
Before I turned to MAA for help, it seemed to me that my life had lost all meaning. I was on the verge of being overcome by feelings of despair. Thoughts about death. The drug has destroyed all areas of my life. Rehabilitation restored my confidence in myself. The team of the IAA, Dnipro region, in my opinion, performed a miracle. I completed the program and made the decision to learn and develop in the organization. The support of the MAA therapeutic community gives me the confidence and strength to move on and live soberly.
I am 18 years old. I have been drinking alcohol for 3 years, which is why all these years I got into unpleasant situations, after which I miraculously remained alive. Because of my use, I lost control of myself, relations with my family deteriorated intolerable. At one point, my father brought me to rehabilitation, for which I am now grateful to him after completing a full course of rehabilitation. I had enough time to think it over and put everything in its place in my delusions and inability to control my use and further life. This organization taught me a lot. First, I learned to live in sobriety, cry and laugh with real feelings, say “I love” my parents, appreciate many little things that I had not previously paid attention to, reconsidered my views on the world. MAA is changing my life in stages.
I have been using opium for about 8 years and have three convictions. I haven't worked anywhere for more than two months. Once in rehabilitation, he stopped using drugs, established relations with relatives and friends. He began to live a normal life - for which I am grateful to the association.
I express my deep gratitude to the staff of the center for their desire to make our relatives healthy, to guide them along the difficult path to a sober life and to instill a desire to stay sober. Roman has been married for three years. When our child was born, I found out that my husband is a drug addict. He was on the verge and did not know how to continue to live, but he wanted to get rid of this bad habit. Roman's mom and I found an ad for MAA Dnipro on the Internet and called there. The next day he was already at the center, where he began to undergo a rehabilitation program in the city of Dnipro. 30 months have passed, my husband is sober. At the moment, he works in the same center where he underwent rehabilitation. Now my husband is helping other addicts to fight the “disease”. Now we rejoice in every day we have lived, I have no more anxiety for my husband, for the future of our family. I know that everything will be fine now. I don't want to go back to the past. Thanks to the center, my spouse climbed out of the bottom, where drugs had lowered him. I wish you health, success in your hard work, to which you devote your life. Thank you.
I want to say a huge thank you to the staff of MAA Dnipro, who support my son Roman in sobriety to this day. The son was addicted for 17 years, when our family learned about his

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