We are an example of a healthy lifestyle, combining various methods, innovative programs and social platforms, provide high-quality and affordable assistance to people with different forms dependencies.

The mission of the “Transformation” rehabilitation center is to help everyone who is faced with the problem of drug addiction, alcoholism or gambling addiction to get rid of fears, resentments, feelings of uselessness and start a new life.

Fighting addiction is hard work that requires considerable physical and mental strength. That is why the addict needs moral support on his way to health.

The task of each member of our team is to create favorable conditions for patients, to help them adapt to cardinal changes in their lives, to support and accompany victims of addiction on their path to freedom and happiness.

Special attention in the center “Transformation” is paid to the state of mind of patients. Any addiction, be it alcoholism or drug addiction, destroys not only the human body, but also his mind and soul. All activities are aimed at ensuring that mental wounds heal faster, and the disturbed psyche recovers.

Helping a person overcome his inner fears, grow as a person, learn love, compassion, acceptance and mercy – this is another task that psychologists successfully perform at the & nbsp; Transformation Center.

We take our mission extremely seriously, trying to make the work of the center as effective as possible, to help as many people as possible. In their calling, the specialists of the center adhere to a number of simple, but extremely important principles, such as:

  • Rehabilitation confidentiality. We respect each patient and their loved ones, therefore we undertake the obligation not to disclose the personal data of everyone who turned to our center for help.
  • Professionalism. Psychologists and psychotherapists of the center have many years of experience working with addicts. The effectiveness of our method is confirmed by thousands of lives saved by our specialists.
  • Understanding. At our center, patients are surrounded by attention, care and understanding. Here they will not face reproaches and accusations, because any addiction is a serious illness that prevents a person from realizing and controlling his own actions.

Life is the most valuable gift, and to keep it, to make it happy is not an easy task. But the workers of the Transformation center are ready to do everything to help people who have lost hope of salvation, to regain it and overcome their illness.