Addiction treatment abroad

Drug addiction treatment implies a long process that is individual for each patient. Since the cause of drug addiction lies primarily in the pathological changes in the psyche of the addict, the main task of the patient and specialists is to restore those personality traits that were destroyed during the period of drug intake. Good results can be achieved thanks to a change in the environment and climatic conditions, a change in the circle of friends, new impressions – all this has a beneficial effect on the psycho-emotional state of a person, helps to form the correct motivational attitudes and strengthens the desire to recover. Clinic “ Transformation ” offers its clients drug addiction treatment abroad which helps create the above conditions.

The best choice in this case are the states that are located on the sea coast, where the system of treatment of drug addicts is developed, an excellent option for treatment can be rehabilitation center in Tbilisi (Georgia), in Almaty (Kazakhstan), in Chisinau (Moldova), Baku (Azerbaijan). Our clients become one of the participants in the group sessions of specialized clinics. If you wish, you can independently choose a country for rehabilitation. Addiction treatment abroad

We offer comprehensive services that include not only rehabilitation, but also accompanying the client to the place of treatment, which also solves the language issue. In addition, during the rehabilitation of a dependent, people close to him can attend special groups to help relatives. This is very important, because after the rehabilitation course, the client will return as a completely different person, and those who will be next to him in the future may remain hostages of past fears and make previous behavioral mistakes.

Let’s list the main advantages that drug addiction treatment abroad :

  • While on rehabilitation abroad, our clients get a unique opportunity to concentrate on the recovery process, since there will be no one and nothing of them distract.
  • We respect complete anonymity at all stages, and the only thing that can give your stay at the sea is a tan. This can be attributed to the positive aspects, since you can explain your absence from rest in warm countries.
  • The rehabilitation course program is developed individually for each addict – specialists will pay the utmost attention to each client.
  • During treatment, addicts not only attend the necessary rehabilitation activities, but also have a good rest. This means that upon their return they will be full of strength, self-confidence and begin to strive for a normal life without drugs.
  • Treatment takes place in the most comfortable conditions: in the chosen rehabilitation center or in private villas.
  • The treatment program is as rich and intense as possible, which increases its effectiveness.
  • Clients have access to a number of additional services that will contribute to a speedy recovery: spa treatments, excursion programs, sports, active leisure activities, etc.
  • Treatment of various concomitant diseases in specialized clinics abroad is possible.

Rehabilitation center abroad : main stages of treatment

Addiction treatment abroad

Since drug addiction affects not only mental but also physical health, drug addiction treatment abroad is carried out in two main directions:

  • Eliminate physical dependency. The main goal of this stage is to combat the so-called “breakdown” or the phenomenon, which in official medicine is called “withdrawal symptoms”. In order to reduce its manifestations, a number of procedures are used, among which physiotherapy, plasmapheresis, xenon therapy, etc. can be distinguished. With their help, the body is cleansed of toxins, the lost functions of internal organs are restored, the metabolism is normalized, which, in turn, creates a good base for the treatment of mental addiction.
  • Elimination of mental addiction. This is the main stage of the rehabilitation course, which is based on one of the programs developed by specialized specialists. The most famous among them is the “12 steps” method, which, starting from the 30s of the last century, has allowed thousands of people to return to full life. Also, the program actively includes such methods as occupational therapy, gestalt therapy and others.

If the effectiveness of the first stage depends to a greater extent on the work of specialists who carefully monitor the client’s health, and, if necessary, make the necessary adjustments to the program, then to remove psychological dependence very active participation of the addict himself is important. Psychological correction also takes place under the tireless supervision of specialists in this field.

How is drug addiction treatment abroad

Addiction treatment abroad Rehabilitation abroad can be organized in two ways. In the first case, we offer our clients rehabilitation centers abroad, where there is a Russian-speaking staff (several options are available in different countries). The client can live both in the clinic itself and in rented housing. The center’s specialists carry out individual work with the patient, and in addition, at the appointed time, he attends group treatment events. The rest of the time the client disposes of at his own discretion and can go in for sports, participate in excursion programs and just relax. He is accompanied by a consultant who provides language support.

The second option is used in cases where there is no specialized rehabilitation center in the selected country. We undertake the organization of an individual rehabilitation program, in which our employees (psychologists, consultants, specialists of other fields) participate, exercising full control over the course of drug addict treatment.

Further rehabilitation measures

Since the process of treatment of addiction is quite long, after undergoing rehabilitation abroad the patient must remain under the supervision of specialists. This is an important condition for achieving sustained remission. The victory over drug addiction is possible not only with the participation of specialists from different fields, but also with the assistance of relatives and friends. A drug addict must adapt to life in a drug-free society, and for this he will need the help of a psychologist. This process is called resocialization. It is necessary to continue psychotherapy sessions, which can be conducted individually or in groups.

How to use the help of the rehabilitation center “Transformation”

If you have decided to return to normal life on your own or a person close to you needs professional help, please contact our clinic specialists by phone hotline specified on the official website of the center. Here you can get psychological help , advice on any issues related to addiction treatment , find out, how much are certain services. We offer:

  • consultations that can be carried out both in the clinic and at the client’s home;
  • assistance of the motivational team of psychologists, which can be sent to conduct a conversation with the addict (voluntarily forced motivation system);
  • a full list of services, which includes not only consultations, but also detoxification, psychological rehabilitation, resocialization;
  • group and individual lessons with codependents;
  • outpatient treatment;
  • drug addiction treatment abroad which will help you again become a full-fledged member of society, achieve new success in your professional field, start a family.

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