Drug addiction treatment in Ternopil

More than 2% of the population of Ukraine is in the shackles of drug addiction — and this is only official data. In fact, the real statistics are more depressing — the percentage of those who need drug treatment is constantly growing. Ternopil is a large metropolis, where it is not difficult to buy banned substances, because their advertising can be found almost at every step. Therefore, the presence of a rehabilitation center is an urgent need that can slow down the spread of this disease, which has become a cancerous tumor on the body of modern society.

Anonymous effective treatment of drug addiction in Ternopil

The addict can be protected from contact, closed away from everyone, but this does not solve the problem — he will find any ways to buy a new dose and again get the desired pleasure. Therefore, in the Transformation centers, drug addiction treatment in Ternopil is based on the principles of an integrated approach:

  • isolation — living in a hospital in a closed area away from family and friends;
  • total control — narcologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, rehabilitologists and other doctors constantly work with patients, every minute of free time is spent with benefit;
  • special techniques — step-by-step recovery, aimed at the recovery of not only the body, but also the soul, which makes it possible to get a stable, long-term result.

Stay in a private clinic is completely anonymous — no one will know that the patient was treated for drug addiction in Ternopil. More than 10 years of work of the International Anti-Drug Association (IAA) in this industry have allowed us to develop an effective method that is guaranteed to help cope with the craving for banned drugs.

How is the treatment of drug addiction in Ternopil?

Upon admission to the clinic, the patient undergoes a comprehensive diagnosis: the narcologist will find out how long and what drugs (salts, opiates, methadone and other types) were used. After that, the patient will have to go through three main stages:

  • drug detoxification;
  • rehabilitation;
  • resocialization.

Rehabilitation center in Ternopil — a place where a person is reborn: the body is restored (the withdrawal syndrome passes), deficiencies of useful substances are eliminated, the craving for psychoactive substances (surfactants) decreases. A former drug addict realizes how serious chemical addiction is and what consequences it has led to — the reluctance to experience “withdrawal” again will help to refrain from taking a new dose, and the study of triggers and fears makes it possible to learn how to resist any problems and everyday troubles.

The program “12 steps”

Treatment of drug addicts in Ternopil is carried out according to a special method-the program “12 steps”. This is a gradual process of rebirth: at the initial stage, the patient realizes that he does not have enough strength and internal reserves to fight the disease, and seeking help is his only salvation. In the future, the former drug addict will be able to apologize for the inconvenience, atone for his guilt, and then become a mentor for other patients of the rehabilitation center.

The most common questions about the treatment of drug addicts in Ternopil

How to understand that a close addict?

Chemical dependence is indicated by unexplained aggression, dilated pupils, pale skin, weight loss, and a number of other signs.

How to convince people to stop using and start treatment for drug addiction?

Experienced psychotherapists will help convince the addict to start treatment.

Is it possible to cure drug addiction at home?

Independent attempts to cope with the trouble-it is a long and difficult way. The drug treatment clinic in Ternopil is able to offer patients an alternative-affordable, convenient, and most importantly, effective.

What are the living conditions?

The site provides information about the living conditions and related photos.

How much does drug treatment cost?

The cost is calculated on an individual basis and depends on many factors. A preferential payment system is provided for those in need.

The treatment period is at least 3 months, but to get a long-term result, the patient should remain under the supervision of doctors for a year.

Is it possible to quit forever?

A significant proportion of our patients were able to return to normal life after years of living without drugs.

Rehabilitation center for drug addicts Transformation — a place where you will always be helped

The rehabilitation center for drug addicts in Ternopil is a chance that everyone deserves. You just need to call the specified contact numbers to get a free consultation and learn more-the first step should be done today.