Drug addiction treatment in Svyatogorsk

 Drugs are a disaster that kills individuals, destroys families and friendly relations. Once in the shackles of addiction, it is almost impossible to get out on your own, because only pain and emptiness will replace the bright world of emotions. Drug addiction treatment in Svyatogorsk – this is the support of a whole team of specialists who are able to “reach out” to the patient, help him find the strength to fight which are so necessary to return to normal life.

Drug addiction – walking in a vicious circle

Drug addiction develops very quickly – it is enough to test the effect of a prohibited drug once. After a dose of surfactants, there is a pleasant euphoria, elation, a feeling of the infinity of one’s own possibilities. But the payback will be ruthless. It manifests itself in a whole range of symptoms:

  • headache;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • weakness;
  • limb tremor;
  • confusion.

“Breaking” is the strongest pain that can only be removed by taking the next portion of the drug. And as a result, it is not possible to break this chain – every attempt to cope with addiction usually ends in failure, since there is not enough moral or physical strength to overcome this craving. Moreover, the exit from this state must be gradual, otherwise the body may simply not cope with such a serious load, which will lead to death.

Drug addiction treatment in a rehabilitation center

The first mandatory step is detoxification. Initially, you need to cleanse the body of drugs, while controlling the state of all organs and systems. An experienced narcologist will select an individual recovery program based on the patient’s current condition, age, and addiction period. After the addict is able to soberly assess reality, you can proceed to the stages of the “12 steps” program.

Step one

Acknowledging Our Powerlessness: The first step in the program for the addict is to admit that he is no longer in control of his own life. Understanding that we cannot save our lives on our own is the first step to our recovery.

Step two

In his struggle with the disease, the patient can enlist the help of God, such as he sees him.

Step three

The patient learns to trust the power that leads him to recovery; he completely delegates control of his life to this power.

Step four

The stage of careful introspection: the patient reveals his hidden fears and negative experiences to the group in order to understand the root cause of the development of the disease.

Step five

The patient accepts himself and his negative experience; he admits his mistakes not only to himself, but also to his loved ones and to God leading him.

Step six

The patient prepares for active actions aimed at getting rid of the disease. He understands that alcohol or drugs is not the cause of addiction. The reason lies in himself. You can defeat addiction only by changing yourself.

Step seven

Based on the experience of other members of the group, patients begin to correct their own behavioral patterns, correcting their shortcomings.

Step eight

The patient makes a list of the people he has harmed during his illness and prepares himself to apologize for the pain and make amends.

Step nine

The patient apologizes and compensates for the damage to all people offended by him. Thus, he gets rid of remorse and forgives himself.

Step ten

The patient develops the habit of constantly analyzing his actions and immediately admitting his mistakes. This is learning self-control and responsibility for his life

Step eleven

The patient continues his path of reflection. This allows him to develop the spiritual essence of the addict, his moral sphere.

Step twelve

The patient uses the knowledge gained during the course to help himself and other victims of addiction. He uses these skills in all areas of his life, thus achieving inner harmony and happiness.

Acknowledging the problem

Being under the influence of drugs, a person shifts his responsibility to those around him – he blames his family for his addiction, problems at work, limited financial resources. Therefore, treatment begins with admitting guilt and seeking help and support:

  • refrain from trying to fix the problem on your own;
  • individual and group work with specialists (psychotherapists, psychiatrists, narcologists);
  • search for the real reason for the passion for illegal drugs.

Realizing that addiction really exists and that it will take every effort to overcome this craving, the addict is on the road to recovery. Rehabilitation center for drug addicts in Svyatogorsk is equipped with everything necessary so that patients do not experience the slightest discomfort. This helps to focus directly on treatment, breaking destructive ties with old acquaintances and forgetting about any everyday problems.

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Personal transformation

Working with a therapist helps to identify the main “points of pain” that have served the main reason for the breakdown. Analysis and detailed analysis of perfect situations make it possible to change the usual strategy of behavior, gradually getting rid of everything negative. This stage includes:

  • revision of values, formation of new good habits;
  • compensation for damage to those who suffered during the drug fog;
  • the strictest self-control to help you avoid temptations.

Theoretical knowledge is meaningless if not reinforced by your own practical experience. Therefore, having changed, accepting this pain and taking a step towards it, the addict is completely freed from the shackles. Now he can prove himself by helping others, providing support to patients who are just starting their journey, taking the first steps in the fight against a harmful passion.

Drug withdrawal: once and for all

Leaving the walls of the rehabilitation center, a former drug addict who has undergone treatment finds himself at a crossroads. He can easily return to his past life or begin to change, creating a new, healthy future. And so that all efforts are not in vain, and the scales tipped in the right direction, a social adaptation program is provided:

  • working with relatives and close friends of the patient to help them get out of codependency;
  • interesting sports, cultural, entertainment events that help instill new habits, hobbies or hobbies;
  • educational courses and help in mastering a new profession.

After completing treatment, the former addict completely breaks the chains that connected him to a dangerous addiction. The result of the therapy passed is a complete change in the usual way of life. A broken person, devoid of goals and aspirations, remains in the past, and a strong, confident person discovers a new path for himself that will certainly help to achieve what he wants and erase from his memory the sad page of his destructive hobby.