Drug addiction treatment in Rivne

Every year, most addictions are rapidly getting younger. The abundance of information, excessive loads and at the same time the availability of surfactants (psychoactive substances), which promise to give strength, energy and the solution to all problems, leads to the fact that even for minor patients, drug addiction treatment becomes relevant. Rivne is a city where the number of drug addicts has increased significantly over the past decade. And only a complete change of consciousness in combination with a comprehensive approach will help to cope with this trouble.

Anonymous effective treatment of drug addiction in Rivne

After learning about the problem, the family and close people try to cope on their own: persuasions, requests, and even threats. The result is false promises to quit and quit, or even aggression. Do not endanger the life and health of both the addict and others by delaying the process of contacting specialists. Treatment of drug addiction in Rivne has numerous advantages:

  • qualified medical care — in a hospital setting, narcologists, rehabilitologists, psychotherapists, psychologists and other specialists work with each patient;
  • comfortable living conditions — during the rehabilitation period, the addict is completely isolated from the environment, any possibility of acquiring or using prohibited substances is excluded;
  • the strictest confidentiality-anonymity is observed, no one from colleagues or acquaintances will ever know that the patient was treated for drugs.

The rehabilitation center in Rivne provides assistance not only to drug addicts, but also to their relatives-psychological support will make it possible to overcome codependency, which will allow you to find the strength to live on and think through the right strategy of behavior in dealing with a loved one who has fallen into the shackles of dangerous drugs.

How is the treatment of drug addiction in Rivne?

Treatment of drug addiction in Rivne in the IAA centers is not a one-time procedure that takes a couple of days. This is a long process that includes:

  • detoxification;
  • medical support;
  • rehabilitation process;
  • resocialization.

During the period of “withdrawal”, any work with the patient is meaningless — he will not hear the arguments of the doctors. But after the dangerous withdrawal syndrome is removed, the body is cleansed of the poison that poisons it, and the work of all organs and systems is normalized. Experienced psychotherapists will be able to find the true reasons for the use of prohibited substances, work out possible fears and give effective motivation for further struggle for a happy future. 

The program “12 steps”

In the rehabilitation centers of the International Anti-Drug Association, the treatment of drug addicts in Rivne is based on the use of a technique that was developed on the basis of the experience of international colleagues and their own developments. The “12 steps” program is a multi-stage process during which the patient overcomes internal resistance, realizes his actions, and corrects mistakes. Key principles:

  • recognizing the problem;
  • finding ways to solve it under the guidance of a mentor-a force capable of defeating any resistance;
  • confession, atonement.

Treatment of drug addiction in Rivne is built strictly according to this program. In the final stages, the former drug addict no longer needs help, so he becomes a support for others. The opportunity to share experiences, discover the best human qualities (kindness, care), a sense of self — strength and confidence-all this will help to say goodbye to the craving for illegal drugs forever, closing this page of the past and starting over.

The most common questions about the treatment of drug addicts in Rivne

How to understand that a close addict?

Isolation, unwillingness to communicate, aggression, painful appearance, sharp mood swings-together with financial problems, these signs often indicate chemical dependence.

How to convince people to stop using and start treatment for drug addiction?

A private drug treatment clinic in Rivne is a place where a dependent person is guaranteed to be helped and will be able to convince him to give up artificial sources of happiness.

Is it possible to cure drug addiction at home?

This requires a lot of effort, the support of all family members, but the result is in any case unpredictable. 

What are the living conditions?

You can read the conditions and study the photos of the rooms in the corresponding section of the site.

How much does drug treatment cost?

The cost is calculated individually. Special benefits are provided for those who cannot pay for treatment on their own.

How long to be treated for drug addiction?

The minimum term is 3 months, but most patients will have to spend at least a year in a drug treatment clinic.

Is it possible to quit forever?

It is possible, and our patients have successfully proved it — dozens of people have been treated and live a happy life for more than 5 years, completely forgetting about drugs.

Rehabilitation center for drug addicts Transformation — a place where you will always be helped

Do not waste time in vain, because the rehabilitation center for drug addicts in Rivne is a chance for salvation. Call now to get a free consultation, learn more about the living conditions and make an appointment for treatment.