Drug addiction treatment in Nikolaev

Drug addiction is the scourge of modernity. In Ukraine, the statistics of the past years clearly demonstrate the depth of the problem: for every 100 thousand people, about 90 cases of drug addiction are recorded — and this is only official data. The only way to cope with the problem is to contact the private clinics of the International Anti-Drug Association, which offer comprehensive treatment for drug addiction. Nikolaev is one of the top ten cities-leaders in the rapid growth of alcohol and drug addiction — and now everyone will be able to get the understanding and support that is so necessary in the battle with this disease.

Anonymous effective treatment of drug addiction in Nikolaev

Rehabilitation center for drug addicts — a specialized institution, once in which the dependent person will be completely isolated from his environment. Treatment of drug addiction in Nikolaev takes place in a hospital under the guidance of experienced doctors:

  • narcologists-removal of “withdrawal” (withdrawal syndrome), selection of a recovery program;
  • psychologists-working out negative emotions and attitudes, “living” fears and fighting with accumulated doubts and experiences;
  • psychotherapists – medical correction of the emotional state, prescribing medications to combat mental or behavioral disorders;
  • rehabilitation-a gradual return to a normal full life, which will help once and for all to break the vicious circle of drug addiction.

Drug addiction treatment in Nikolaev in the center Transformation is a comprehensive approach. More than 10 years of successful work with patients, our own experience, the use of the experience of foreign colleagues of the IAA, the strictest anonymity-the combination of all factors makes it possible to obtain a stable result and helps addicts overcome the craving for banned drugs, taking a step towards a healthy future.

How does the treatment of drug addiction in Nikolaev go?

Specialists of the drug rehabilitation center conduct round-the-clock monitoring, monitoring the condition of patients. Treatment of drug addicts in Nikolaev includes several main stages:

  • Detoxification-cleansing of the body, selection of medications (painkillers, sedatives, hepatoprotectors, vitamins);
  • Rehabilitation — individual psychological consultations, work in groups, search for the cause of addiction and ways to get rid of it;
  • Resocialization is an active and healthy lifestyle that will help you find new hobbies and natural sources of happiness without the use of additional stimulants.

The gradual implementation of all stages of the program for the treatment of drug addicts is a guaranteed recovery and obtaining a lasting result. The rehabilitation center in Nikolaev offers patients a completely anonymous stay and qualified support.

12-step program

Treatment for drug addiction in the MAA centers is carried out according to the “12 steps” program, which includes the following stages:

  • recognition of the problem and their powerlessness in the fight against it;
  • appeal to a third-party force that will become a fulcrum;
  • analyzing past mistakes and admitting your guilt, making amends, and receiving sincere forgiveness from others;
  • rebirth, a new look at life and the future;
  • help other addicts who are in the initial stages.

Attempts to cope with the situation on their own easily lead to the emergence of codependency — and the family falls into the shackles of the disease. To get effective treatment, it is necessary as soon as possible to apply to the rehabilitation center for drug addicts in Nikolaev — and, having passed all the stages of the Transformation program, the former drug addict will return home a completely different person.

The most common questions about the treatment of drug addicts in Nikolaev

How to understand that a loved one is an addict?

Strange behavior, confusion, sudden weight loss, aggression or rapid mood swings-all this is a reason to consult with a narcologist.

How to convince people to stop using and start treatment for drug addiction?

To go to a drug rehabilitation center and to entrust this task to a qualified technician.

Is it possible to cure drug addiction at home?

There is always a chance, but attempts at treatment will take a lot of time, effort and money, and as a result will cost more than timely treatment in a specialized clinic.

What are the living conditions?

Drug addiction treatment in Nikolaev takes place in a rehabilitation center, patients live in comfortable, equipped with all necessary wards.

How much does drug treatment cost?

The cost is calculated individually based on a combination of factors, and special offers and benefits are available for special categories of the population.

How long to be treated for drug addiction?

The duration of the rehabilitation process is from 3 months, but the final period of treatment depends on the duration of the use of prohibited drugs and the state of health, the minimum recommended by specialists is 1 year.

Over the years, the MAA centers have helped hundreds of patients, and most of them were able to give up their addiction for a long period of time, returning to normal life.

Rehabilitation center for drug addicts Transformation — a place where you will always be helped

No need to fight on your own, alone overcoming all the difficulties and problems. Chemical addiction is a terrible disease, and only a combination of medical and psychological help, as well as comprehensive support, will overcome it.

Drug treatment clinic in Nikolaev is a chance for recovery and freedom from the shackles of prohibited substances. Contact us now to get a free consultation – and our specialists will answer all your questions in detail.