Drug addiction treatment in Lutsk

Every year, the number of patients in rehabilitation centers is growing rapidly. Addiction to illegal substances is a problem that can not be dealt with alone, so it is so important to contact specialized clinics in time that can offer comprehensive treatment for drug addiction. Lutsk is a city where the number of drug addicts has increased significantly over the past decade, and this trend continues. But this is not a reason to give up, because with the help and support of professionals, you can get a chance for a happy, and most importantly, a healthy future.

Anonymous effective treatment of drug addiction in Lutsk

Psychoactive substances (surfactants) cause a serious blow to the body — a sharp refusal of drugs can cause a fatal outcome, so the treatment of drug addiction in Lutsk is based on a comprehensive approach:

  • detoxification-purification from toxic poison;
  • medical support-restoration of normal functioning of all organs and systems;
  • psychological support — individual and group work with psychologists and psychiatrists, allowing you to solve emotional problems and find the true cause of breakdowns.

A dependent person must necessarily be away from his family and familiar surroundings. This is an important requirement, compliance with which will allow the patient to fully focus on the recovery process, monitoring the slightest reactions of the body and fighting the temptation to break down.

How is the treatment of drug addiction in Lutsk?

Treatment of drug addiction in Lutsk is completely anonymous — information about patients will not be available to outsiders under any circumstances. To effectively combat the craving for stimulants, all conditions are created:

  • round-the-clock medical support-narcologists, psychotherapists, rehabilitation specialists and other doctors constantly monitor the recovery process;
  • the wards are equipped with everything you need-simple but neat furnishings, impeccable cleanliness;
  • own developments — a unique program that is formed based on many years of experience working with patients and on the basis of hundreds of successful stories of victory over the disease.

The International Anti-Drug Association (IAA) has been operating for more than ten years, developing and conquering new horizons. And the rehabilitation center in Lutsk is not only a basic medical assistance for the withdrawal of withdrawal symptoms, but also support at the stage of adaptation and return to society-the formation of new hobbies, useful habits and skills that will help not to return to the harmful passion again.

Program “12 steps “

Moving along the program “12 steps”, the patient gradually passes all the stages. The Transformation process includes several basic blocks:

  • recognition of your weakness and inability to resist the circumstances;
  • formation of faith in a higher power, which will become a guide on the way to the goal;
  • recognition and redemption of one’s guilt, compensation for moral or financial harm caused to others.

By changing and overcoming themselves, the former drug addict will be able to earn the role of a mentor to help those who are just starting out on the program. This approach made it possible to make the treatment of drug addiction in Lutsk as effective as possible.

The most common questions about the treatment of drug addicts in Lutsk

How to understand that a close addict?

Frequent mood swings, aggressive behavior, painful thinness, dilated pupils are the main signs of drug use.

How to convince people to stop using and start treatment for drug addiction?

In this matter, you should trust qualified psychotherapists who are able to find effective leverage.

Is it possible to cure drug addiction at home?

Independent attempts to cope with chemical addiction are a long, complex and painful process that requires the participation of all family members and relatives. A simpler way is a private drug treatment clinic in Lutsk, where the patient is guaranteed to be provided with the necessary medical care.

What are the living conditions?

You can see the photos of the rooms on the website — this will allow you to assess the situation and make sure that everything necessary is provided for patients.

How much does drug treatment cost?

There is no single price — the cost is calculated individually depending on the period of use of prohibited substances, as well as the length of stay in a rehabilitation center. Special offers and benefits are provided for those in need.

How long to be treated for drug addiction?

Treatment of drug addicts in Lutsk in IAA centers is a complex, multi-stage process. The stage of drug detoxification is not enough for a full recovery, so patients will have to spend at least 3 months in the hospital, and optimally-a year.

Is it possible to quit forever?

We are proud of the hundreds of patients who have completed the full course and have led a healthy lifestyle for years without returning to the use of psychoactive substances.

Rehabilitation center for drug addicts Transformation — a place where you will always be helped

The decision made today will completely change the future — call the rehabilitation center for drug addicts in Lutsk right now for a free consultation to undergo treatment and get the opportunity to start with a clean slate.