Drug addiction and alcoholism treatment in Nola Prystan

Drug addiction, alcoholism, addiction to gambling – all these diseases have long ceased to be a rarity for society. Millions of people are destroying their lives by voluntarily becoming prisoners of stimulants. It doesn’t matter what a person chooses: a drug or a computer game, any option dooms him to terrible agony. Pain, feelings of shame and loneliness, despair haunt the addict every second. The specialists of the “Transformation” rehabilitation center help to get rid of obsession, find freedom and happiness. The best psychologists and rehabilitation therapists help hundreds of addicts and their loved ones to start a new life without fear, resentment and obsession.

Naked Pier Addiction Treatment

The problem of drug addiction is especially acute among young people. More and more adolescents and young men are experimenting with themselves, becoming hostages of the drug. A low level of awareness leads to the spread of various misconceptions. This is why teenagers start using soft drugs, thinking they can avoid addiction. mistakes like these have cost millions of lives. But thanks to the treatment of drug addiction in Nola Prystan, today even a drug addict with many years of experience of use will be able to escape from drug captivity.

The specialists of our center do everything to make patients feel as comfortable as possible during the treatment. Surrounded by understanding, support and care, addicts find a second home here, open up and walk the path of healing without stress or breakdowns.

As with alcoholism treatment in Tavriysk , the center’s specialists also pay attention to the families of patients. The support group operating here helps the families of drug addicts get rid of codependency, resentment, stress, improve family relationships and start a new life without conflicts, fears and offenses.

Contact us if your loved one has become a hostage of addiction. Don’t let illness ruin your family’s life.

Treatment for alcoholism in Naked Pier

Alcohol dependence is one of the most widespread forms of addiction in the world. This is facilitated by the tolerant attitude of society towards drinking and the formed “culture of drinking”. Any holidays and celebrations are accompanied by alcohol, without drinking it is impossible to imagine a meeting with friends and family. Under the influence of society, a person prone to addiction gradually becomes a slave to booze. Thanks to the treatment of alcoholism in Nola Prystan, the addict will regain freedom, learn to control their impulses and get rid of painful passion forever.

What does alcohol give a person? It is a feeling of security, well-being, self-confidence. Alcohol (as well as drugs) creates the illusion of absolute happiness. An insecure, sensitive person, prone to nervous breakdowns and depression, is forced to return to alcohol in order to get rid of a bad mood, feelings of loneliness and other negative experiences. Like drug addiction treatment in Skadovsk , rehabilitation of alcoholics in the Transformation center is based on changing the worldview, developing adequate behavioral responses and recovery of social skills. Thanks to such work, the addict ceases to need alcohol in order to establish contact with others, to feel confident in his abilities, to find the courage for self-development. The goal of treatment is to eliminate the causes of binge, which reduces the risk of breakdown to zero.


The center’s treatment course is based on the legendary “12 steps” program. This technique has long proven its effectiveness and is used in America and Europe. The main difference between the program and traditional methods of treatment is the focus on the psychological component of the disease. While coding, IV drips and other treatment techniques eliminate only the physical manifestations of addiction: withdrawal symptoms, hangover, physical cravings for stimulants, the Transformation Center course helps patients get rid of negative experiences, suppressed emotions that led to illness. Having changed their worldview, freed from fears and resentments, the addict no longer needs stimulants to feel happy.