Treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism in Genichesk

Treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism in Genichesk

Alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction and other types of addiction make not only the patient unhappy, but also all his relatives. The specialists of the “Transformation” rehabilitation center are helping to resist this destructive force. The best psychologists and rehabilitation therapists work to bring the victims of addiction and their loved ones back to normal.

Drug addiction treatment in Genichesk

Contrary to popular belief, drug addiction is not a sentence. Drug addiction treatment in Genichesk can save even from long-term addiction. The experience and high level of qualifications of psychologists and rehabilitation specialists of the Transformation Center, combined with a unique method of treatment, allows you to help victims of drug addiction, forever eliminating the psychological need for any stimulants.

It is impossible to start the treatment process without a conscious and sincere desire of the addict to heal. That is why most of the traditional methods based on compulsory treatment do not bring the desired result. Thanks to the long-term work of the psychologist with the patient’s relatives and psychotherapy of the addict himself, we manage to change the outlook of the addict and inspire him to fight the disease.

Is it possible to cure drug addiction? Unfortunately, like any addiction, this disease cannot be completely cured. However, rehabilitation in our center allows the addict to gain control over his body and mind, no longer feeling the craving for the drug. As well as alcoholism treatment in Skadovsk , rehabilitation gives the addict the meaning of life, self-confidence. After undergoing rehabilitation at the Transformation center, the addict will be forever protected from breakdowns and will be able to start a new, happy life.

Treatment of alcoholism in Genichesk

There are many reasons for the development of alcohol dependence. Regardless of how a person becomes a slave to booze, the fate of addicts is similar: gradual degradation, loss of purpose in life, work, family and friends.

The alcoholic is left alone with his fears and experiences, plunging deeper into the darkness of addiction. Alcoholism treatment in Genichesk helps addicts to emerge into the light. Following the 12 Steps program, alcoholics radically change their lives, forever freeing themselves from the need for alcohol.

The first step to healing is acknowledging the problem and accepting yourself. So the addict gets rid of the feeling of shame and guilt, can relax and focus on the main goal – the victory over addiction. Step by step, the alcoholic approaches freedom from illness. On this difficult path, he will have to face considerable difficulties: the addict must be honest with himself, not forget, but accept the mistakes made during the illness. On this difficult path, patients are accompanied by attentive and sensitive psychologists. Thanks to their support, understanding and trust, the patients of the center go through the entire course without breakdowns and nervous shocks.

As with drug addiction treatment in Nova Kakhovka , an important factor in the process of alcoholics rehabilitation is support for other patients. All addiction victims undergoing treatment at the center are ready to support each other, listen, understand and help with advice in a difficult situation. This allows addicts to avoid feelings of loneliness and isolation, find new friends and reliable helpers on the way to recovery.


Most of the methods of treatment of addictions known today are aimed at combating the physical manifestations of the disease. With the help of droppers, the so-called coding and other types of medication, doctors manage to drown out a person’s physical craving for stimulants: drugs or alcohol. However, the psychological problem remains and finds a way out in the development of another addiction, depression and other mental illnesses.

Step one

Acknowledging Our Powerlessness: The first step in the program for the addict is to admit that he is no longer in control of his own life. Understanding that we cannot save our lives on our own is the first step to our recovery.

Step two

In his struggle with the disease, the patient can enlist the help of God, such as he sees him.

Step three

The patient learns to trust the power that leads him to recovery; he completely delegates control of his life to this power.

Step four

The stage of careful introspection: the patient reveals his hidden fears and negative experiences to the group in order to understand the root cause of the development of the disease.

Step five

The patient accepts himself and his negative experience; he admits his mistakes not only to himself, but also to his loved ones and to God leading him.

Step six

The patient prepares for active actions aimed at getting rid of the disease. He understands that alcohol or drugs is not the cause of addiction. The reason lies in himself. You can defeat addiction only by changing yourself.

Step seven

Based on the experience of other members of the group, patients begin to correct their own behavioral patterns, correcting their shortcomings.

Step eight

The patient makes a list of the people he has harmed during his illness and prepares himself to apologize for the pain and make amends.

Step nine

The patient apologizes and compensates for the damage to all people offended by him. Thus, he gets rid of remorse and forgives himself.

Step ten

The patient develops the habit of constantly analyzing his actions and immediately admitting his mistakes. This is learning self-control and responsibility for his life

Step eleven

The patient continues his path of reflection. This allows him to develop the spiritual essence of the addict, his moral sphere.

Step twelve

The patient uses the knowledge gained during the course to help himself and other victims of addiction. He uses these skills in all areas of his life, thus achieving inner harmony and happiness.

The only way to get rid of addiction permanently is to identify and eliminate its cause. Often the basis for the development of alcoholism, drug addiction and other forms of addiction is suppressed negative emotions: fears, resentments, psychological trauma. Not being able to understand and accept their own experiences, a person tries to drown them out, which leads to internal tension, stress and the formation of addictive behavior. Following the “12 steps” program, on which the treatment course of the “Transformation” center is built, addicts learn to understand themselves and express their emotions without stimulants, thereby freeing themselves from even years of obsession.