Drug addiction and alcoholism treatment in Izum

 The path from addiction to freedom is a series of difficulties and obstacles. It is almost impossible to overcome this path on your own. The specialists of the rehabilitation center “Transformation” do everything to make it easier for patients to endure all crises in the process of recovery. An atmosphere of support and understanding, modern methods of combating behavioral and chemical addictions – all this will help the addict quickly return to a full life.

Addiction Treatment in Izum

Most of us are well aware of how destructive the effects of even “light” drugs can be. However, this does not stop young people and even mature people to follow the temptation to hide from problems behind the haze of drug intoxication. Thanks to drug addiction treatment in Izum, our patients manage to change their worldview and behavior patterns. Gradually they learn safe, healthy ways to cope with stress and solve life’s problems.

Not less benefit alcoholism treatment in Kharkov or a rehabilitation course for drug addicts will bring relatives of addicts. Thanks to working with a psychologist, they will reconsider their relationship with the patient, learn trust and understanding.

The “Transformation” center course is based on the unique “12 steps” program. This technique is aimed at self-improvement of patients and their loved ones. Thanks to her, patients accept themselves, admit their mistakes and use their negative experience for their own development.

Treatment of alcoholism in Izum

Addiction to alcohol may not manifest itself for years. But a little stress is enough for an alcoholic, who could have controlled himself earlier, break loose and plunge into a haze of constant intoxication. The propensity to addiction can be inherited or formed with improper upbringing, the influence of society. But whatever the reason, alcoholism treatment in Izum will help the patient to cope with the obsession and become free from destructive passion.

We do not use medication in our work. Coding and hypnosis can only temporarily eliminate the symptoms of the disease. Our technique, which we also use for drug addiction treatment in Kharkov , allows the addict to gain control over his body and mind.

Rehabilitation center for drug and alcohol addicts in Izum

The Rehabilitation Center “Transformation” is the best professional psychologists and rehabilitation therapists and modern methods of working with addicts. But we pay no less attention to the living conditions of our patients. While undergoing treatment in Izum, the addict is constantly in a cozy cottage, where he can feel at home. Patient rooms are equipped with everything necessary for a good rest. Good nutrition and regular sessions with a rehabilitator also contribute to recovery and recovery. Thanks to classes with a psychologist and the general atmosphere of trust and support prevailing in the center, the addict’s mental wounds will heal, and the disease will be overcome forever.

Read more about the drug addiction treatment program and the alcoholism treatment program at the psychosocial drug addiction rehabilitation center “Transform” and take a step towards a new healthy and happy life now.