Drug addiction treatment in Donetsk

Drug addiction treatment in Donetsk

Drug addiction treatment in Donetsk Drug addiction is a pathological condition characterized by physical and mental dependence on psychoactive substances that cause a feeling of euphoria, causeless joy, well-being, regardless of the state dependent and external factors. The systematic use of narcotic substances can lead to difficult-to-reversible changes in the vital activity of the body, the nervous system, which pose a serious threat to human life. Regular intake of narcotic substances leads to personality degradation, the development of depressive conditions, and a deterioration in cognitive functions.

The treatment of drug addicts is a long-term process, in which a wide range of specialists in this field should be involved. At the same time, an integrated approach is very important – help for addicts should include drug therapy and psychotherapeutic methods of treatment.

The rehabilitation center for drug addicts “Transformation” in Donetsk has vast experience in the treatment of various types of addictions: drug, alcohol, game. A unique course of treatment was developed at the Transformation rehabilitation center, based on the well-proven 12 Steps program, which has been practiced since the 30s of the last century and has helped tens of thousands of people gain complete independence from drugs.   This step-by-step program is to change personal attitudes and directing them in a constructive direction. But the first step of the system is to acknowledge the problem and ask for help.   We will tell you in this article about where to get anonymous drug addiction treatment in Donetsk, what the main stages of the program are.

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After a drug addict has decided to seek help, the doors of the center are open for him. Here you can undergo completely anonymous drug addiction treatment, so some drug addicts come from other cities in the region to Donetsk, the rehabilitation center for drug addicts here is one of the best in the region.

Drug addiction treatment in Donetsk: main stages

One of the conditions for successful treatment under the “12 Steps” program is the addict’s desire – the person must realize that he needs help. Compulsory treatment is carried out only with the consent of relatives, and resort to it only in critical situations. The specialists of the rehabilitation center provide an ambulance (emergency) drug treatment at home, which consists in motivating the addict for treatment, his delivery to the place of rehabilitation.

Stages of complex treatment in the center of rehabilitation for drug addicts “Transformation”

  • Detoxification. For further effective treatment, it is necessary to cleanse the body of the decomposition products of chemical substances, for which a number of techniques are used, including plasmapheresis, hemodialysis, etc. In addition, in order to reduce the severity of symptoms withdrawal syndrome, at this stage and during further treatment, antidepressants, sedatives, drugs that improve metabolism are used.
  • Rehabilitation. This part of the course of treatment is a full-fledged psychotherapeutic course, during which addicts radically change their worldview, which is achieved by group and individual work of psychologists, activities aimed at spiritual revival, art therapy , sports activities, etc.
  • Resocialization. The stage at which, with the help of experienced psychologists, our clients learn to live in a drug-free society. With the participation of specialists, it will be much easier to cope with difficult life situations and temptations, thus avoiding relapses.

The rehabilitation center for drug addicts in Donetsk conducts treatment on condition of complete anonymity. The terms of treatment depend on the length of time of drug use, their type, and the client’s state of health. An individual rehabilitation program is developed for each addict. The minimum treatment period is 1 month, and full recovery may take up to 6 months.

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There is a homely atmosphere in the center, friendly specialists work with drug addicts. The first stage drug addiction treatment in Donetsk in our center is medication. Further, they are engaged in group psychotherapy with patients, conduct city tours, visit opera and drama theaters, museums, organize field trips. Sports activities are of great importance.

The center has a modern gym. Drug addiction treatment in Donetsk is filled with a humane attitude towards the individual. The main task of the “Transformation” center   is to help a person break out of the web of addiction and find the strength not to fall into it anymore.

The cost of treatment in the drug treatment center “Transformation” does not exceed the national average. Our main task is the return of addicts to a full life, full of bright moments, events, for which the best specialists in the field of psychotherapy, rehabilitation, and narcology are involved in working with clients. Narcological assistance in Donetsk, provided by our private rehabilitation center, is a real chance for a new life. If you notice signs of drug use among your loved ones, changes in behavior, you can contact our specialists for a free consultation.

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Step one

Acknowledging Our Powerlessness: The first step in the program for the addict is to admit that he is no longer in control of his own life. Understanding that we cannot save our lives on our own is the first step to our recovery.

Step two

In his struggle with the disease, the patient can enlist the help of God, such as he sees him.

Step three

The patient learns to trust the power that leads him to recovery; he completely delegates control of his life to this power.

Step four

The stage of careful introspection: the patient reveals his hidden fears and negative experiences to the group in order to understand the root cause of the development of the disease.

Step five

The patient accepts himself and his negative experience; he admits his mistakes not only to himself, but also to his loved ones and to God leading him.

Step six

The patient prepares for active actions aimed at getting rid of the disease. He understands that alcohol or drugs is not the cause of addiction. The reason lies in himself. You can defeat addiction only by changing yourself.

Step seven

Based on the experience of other members of the group, patients begin to correct their own behavioral patterns, correcting their shortcomings.

Step eight

The patient makes a list of the people he has harmed during his illness and prepares himself to apologize for the pain and make amends.

Step nine

The patient apologizes and compensates for the damage to all people offended by him. Thus, he gets rid of remorse and forgives himself.

Step ten

The patient develops the habit of constantly analyzing his actions and immediately admitting his mistakes. This is learning self-control and responsibility for his life

Step eleven

The patient continues his path of reflection. This allows him to develop the spiritual essence of the addict, his moral sphere.

Step twelve

The patient uses the knowledge gained during the course to help himself and other victims of addiction. He uses these skills in all areas of his life, thus achieving inner harmony and happiness.

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