Treatment of gambling addiction in Uzhgorod

Ludomania — gambling addiction, which affects about 5% of the population. Obsession, unrestrained thirst for winning, the desire to make another bet on slots-all these are manifestations of the disease, which is almost useless to try to cope with yourself. In the centers of the International Anti — Drug Association, the treatment of gambling addiction in Uzhgorod is available-tools and techniques that can defeat the disease are used.

Anonymous effective treatment of gambling addiction in Uzhgorod

Excitement is a drug for the ludomaniac. He strives to get it by all means, so only a complete rejection of any computer and mobile devices will allow him to fully focus on rehabilitation. All conditions are created for patients in the IAA centers:

  • our specialists use their own developments that will make the treatment of gambling addiction in Uzhgorod as effective as possible;
  • the help of doctors is available 24/7 (consultations of psychologists, psychiatrists, rehabilitation specialists);
  • clean, spacious rooms, comfortable beds.

Applying to a private clinic is an opportunity to get qualified help, which will fully recoup all the funds invested in the treatment of ludomania in Uzhgorod. From the rehabilitation center, the former player will return a different person, able to resist the desire to hit the jackpot, as well as find pleasure and joy in simple, accessible entertainment.

How is the treatment of gambling addiction in Uzhgorod?

Drug therapy will help to relieve the condition, eliminate increased anxiety, normalize sleep and emotional background. But medical support is not enough to completely get rid of addiction. Therefore, the treatment of gambling addicts in Uzhgorod includes two main stages:

  • rehabilitation — the recovery period;
  • resocialization is a gradual return to a normal life, in which there is no place for bets, cards and slots.

A suitable interaction format is selected for each patient: The number of group and individual sessions with a psychologist is calculated, and a list of necessary therapeutic procedures is compiled to make the treatment of gambling in Uzhgorod as effective as possible.

The program “12 steps”

In the rehabilitation center for alcohol addicts, drug addicts and ludomaniacs, a special technique is used. The “12 steps” program is aimed at ensuring that the patient himself makes the decision to fight, receives the necessary support and is able to atone for the material or moral damage caused to others.

The most common questions about the treatment of gambling addicts in Uzhgorod

How do I know that a loved one is playing?

Constant talk about winning and losing, daily visits to online casinos, financial problems, obsession — the main symptoms of ludomania.

How do I start a conversation and convince you to stop playing?

You can try to persuade the player, but it is better to entrust this task to a qualified psychotherapist.

Is it possible to cure ludomania yourself at home?

Home treatment is ineffective, in the hospital you can achieve results much faster.

What are the living conditions?

You can view the photos and evaluate the conditions under which the rehabilitation of gambling addicts takes place in Uzhgorod on the website.

How much does it cost to treat gambling addiction?

The prices for staying in a private center are quite loyal, and it is possible to provide benefits for those in need.

How long to be treated for ludomania?

The minimum is 2 months, but the optimal time period is six months.

Is it possible to quit forever?

We have many examples of happy stories of patients who have been “tied up” for more than 3 years.

Rehabilitation center for gambling addicts Transformation — a place where you will always be helped

Guaranteed treatment for gambling addiction in Uzhgorod is an appeal to a specialized rehabilitation center, whose specialists are able to provide the necessary help and support. Call us to get a free consultation and useful recommendations-and our administrators will answer all your questions in detail.