Treatment of gambling addiction in Poltava

Gambling addiction is a pathological dependence on various games, very often gambling, the formation of which occurs at the psychological level. A modern type of gambling addiction is an addiction to computer games.

Gambling addiction manifests itself in the constant need to participate in games, as a result of which they begin to dominate other life values, displacing the need for communication, the desire for career growth, material well-being, etc. Gambling addiction has a chronic course, and one of its main symptoms is the addict’s inability to resist the temptation to start the game again.

Why gambling addiction occurs

This type of addiction can arise from a number of interrelated factors:

  • the presence of an incentive, both negative and positive: winning and losing;
  • mental characteristics of a particular person;
  • errors in thinking that do not allow us to correctly assess the probability of winning.

Treatment of gambling addiction in Poltava The game is an opportunity to relive the bright moments associated with victory and defeat. Victory allows you to feel strong, gives confidence in your abilities, so you want to experience all this again and again. An equally strong influence on the formation of addiction can be exerted by watching movies, which very often contain stories about big winnings.

In schoolchildren and adolescents, an impetus to the formation of a gaming addiction can be a discussion among friends of computer games, ways of passing them. By the way, today not only children are keen on this, but adults. The virtual world of computer games gives users the illusion of superiority over others, a feeling of easy achievement of their goals, therefore it is more attractive than the real world.

Do not underestimate the mistakes of adults, which can be expressed in the form of too strict upbringing or insufficient control, attempts to instill in a child an excessive love of money, or too frequent discussion of options for easy enrichment.

Treatment of gambling addiction (Poltava)


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Dependence is, first of all, a restriction of freedom. Regardless of its type, a person who is under the power of addiction loses the ability to make informed decisions, stops developing, and the circle of his interests becomes very limited.

Treatment of gambling addiction should be based on the same principles as the treatment of other types of addiction. This principle is taken into account in one of the most famous and effective rehabilitation programs – “12 steps”. It was formed back in the 30s of the last century and over the years has helped heal millions of people.

For gamers, the 12 Steps program has become a real salvation. Taking it as a basis, the specialists of the “Transformation” rehabilitation center have developed their own comprehensive course of treatment, which takes into account the peculiarities of the formation of addiction in modern representatives of society. The employees of the center see their main task as joint search for the meaning of life, hobbies, creation of a new value system with the client. Treatment of gambling addiction in Poltava

Treatment of gambling addiction in Poltava is a comprehensive program, which is a single psychotherapeutic course, which includes:

  • events aimed at spiritual and moral revival of a person;
  • group and individual psychotherapy sessions with leading psychologists;
  • art therapy;
  • sports activities, etc.

The treatment program is determined for each client individually. During the course, our clients live in comfortable rooms, surrounded by the care of professional staff. In order to avoid relapses, we continue to monitor our patients after the main course. Such prevention helps us achieve the highest results and proves once again that our goal is the complete healing of the addicted person.

Rehabilitation Center “Transformation” offers anonymous treatment of gambling addiction in Poltava. In addition, we provide psychological assistance, including an ambulance, which may consist in motivating (psychocorrection) the client for treatment. Detailed information is available by calling the hotline. Here you can also find out how much the course for getting rid of gambling addiction costs, the cost of individual services. Detailed information about our activities is presented on the official website.

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Step one

Acknowledging Our Powerlessness: The first step in the program for the addict is to admit that he is no longer in control of his own life. Understanding that we cannot save our lives on our own is the first step to our recovery.

Step two

In his struggle with the disease, the patient can enlist the help of God, such as he sees him.

Step three

The patient learns to trust the power that leads him to recovery; he completely delegates control of his life to this power.

Step four

The stage of careful introspection: the patient reveals his hidden fears and negative experiences to the group in order to understand the root cause of the development of the disease.

Step five

The patient accepts himself and his negative experience; he admits his mistakes not only to himself, but also to his loved ones and to God leading him.

Step six

The patient prepares for active actions aimed at getting rid of the disease. He understands that alcohol or drugs is not the cause of addiction. The reason lies in himself. You can defeat addiction only by changing yourself.

Step seven

Based on the experience of other members of the group, patients begin to correct their own behavioral patterns, correcting their shortcomings.

Step eight

The patient makes a list of the people he has harmed during his illness and prepares himself to apologize for the pain and make amends.

Step nine

The patient apologizes and compensates for the damage to all people offended by him. Thus, he gets rid of remorse and forgives himself.

Step ten

The patient develops the habit of constantly analyzing his actions and immediately admitting his mistakes. This is learning self-control and responsibility for his life

Step eleven

The patient continues his path of reflection. This allows him to develop the spiritual essence of the addict, his moral sphere.

Step twelve

The patient uses the knowledge gained during the course to help himself and other victims of addiction. He uses these skills in all areas of his life, thus achieving inner harmony and happiness.


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