Treatment of gambling addiction in Lutsk

Gambling addiction is one of the main problems of modern society. A person is not able to stop, all his thoughts are occupied with the future victory, which will necessarily come after a series of losses. And the only effective way to break this vicious circle is to treat gambling addiction in Lutsk.

Anonymous effective treatment of gambling addiction in Lutsk 

The Transformation rehabilitation center was created by the International Anti-Drug Association for Drug Addicts and Alcohol addicts, but with the development of online casinos, it became necessary to develop a program for ludomaniacs. Complete isolation from any gadgets and the outside world is the basis on which the treatment of gambling addiction in Lutsk is based. The staff of the clinic:

  • psychologists;
  • psychotherapists;
  • psychiatrists;
  • rehabilitation specialists.

Our team — qualified doctors with many years of practical experience, who will help you get rid of the harmful, dangerous passion.

How is the treatment of gambling addiction in Lutsk?

  • The bright, colorful world of online casinos attracts with its accessibility — you can connect from any device and place a bet on the slots for a small amount. But the excitement is too attractive, and the desire to win is addictive. To rid the patient of this obsession, treatment of ludomania in Lutsk involves two main stages:
  • rehabilitation-drug therapy, selection of sedatives, psychological support;
  • resocialization is a gradual return to life in society, and most importantly, the rejection of betting and card games.

The player is not able to stop himself, so it is pointless to believe his promises. Relatives will have to throw off the shackles of codependency and trust professionals who are able to offer comprehensive treatment for gambling in Lutsk.

The “12 steps” program

Only after completing the full path of redemption, the ludoman recognizes the problem and will be interested in fighting the disease. This technique has successfully proved its effectiveness and has helped hundreds of patients who have not only overcome their illness, but also managed to become a mentor and example for those who are being treated for gambling addiction in Lutsk.

The most common questions about the treatment of gambling addicts in Lutsk

How do I know that a loved one is playing?

Loans, debts, daily games on bets and slots, the inability to stop on their own — these are the hallmarks of most ludomaniacs.

How do I start a conversation and convince you to stop playing?

The best psychologists work in the IAA centers — contact us for help, and experienced doctors will help you find the right words.

Is it possible to cure ludomania yourself at home?

It is almost impossible to overcome the craving for gambling on your own — to control the addiction, you should contact a specialized private clinic.

What are the living conditions?

To assess how the treatment of gambling addicts in Lutsk is going, the photos presented on the website will help.

How much does it cost to treat gambling addiction?

The cost will be calculated on an individual basis-contact us to find out about prices and benefits for certain categories of the population.

How long to be treated for ludomania?

In the hospital, the ludomaniac will have to spend at least 2 months, but for a guaranteed victory over the disease, it is worth completing the full course (about 6 months).

Is it possible to quit forever?

We are always ready to share the happy stories of our patients — many of them have not been interested in gambling for more than 3 years.

Rehabilitation center for gambling addicts Transformation — a place where you will always be helped

Anonymous rehabilitation of gambling addicts in Lutsk is an opportunity to get rid of the obsession that poisons life. Call us today — and we are guaranteed to find the best treatment option for addiction, as well as provide a detailed free consultation, telling you in detail about the prices and conditions of stay in the center.