Treatment of gambling addiction in Khmelnitsky

Gambling addiction is a disaster that has destroyed thousands of families, and it is getting bigger every year. The availability of gambling in online casinos has removed any restrictions — and the number of ludomaniacs is increasing daily. The only effective way to combat this problem will be the treatment of gambling addiction in Khmelnitsky, because in the conditions of the rehabilitation center it is possible to overcome any addiction.

Anonymous effective treatment of gambling addiction in Khmelnitsky

Excitement, adrenaline, risk-these are feelings that are addictive, like a drug. And it is impossible to stop, because the expectation of winning beckons, and victory seems so close. Any arguments are meaningless, because the ludoman is sure that there will be no more losses, you just need to make the next bet on the slots. Treatment of gambling addiction in Khmelnitsky under the program of the IAA (International Anti-Drug Association) is based on the following principles:

  • anonymity;
  • integrated approach;
  • complete isolation.

The Transformation rehabilitation centers have been functioning for more than 10 years. Psychologists, psychiatrists, rehabilitation specialists work with patients — the best specialists who know all the subtleties of fighting various types of addictions (alcoholism, drug use) and are ready to offer guaranteed treatment of gambling addiction in Khmelnitsky.

How is the treatment of gambling addiction in Khmelnitsky?

The main reason for ludomania is the hope for easy, quick earnings, as well as the desire to fill the usual life with bright colors. This is an attempt to compensate for the dullness and ordinariness of everyday life, and only under the guidance of doctors will the gambler learn to find joy in simple, accessible things. Treatment of gambling addiction in Khmelnitsky includes two main stages:

  • rehabilitation;
  • resocialization.

This is the way in which a person changes, transforms and learns to live in balance — and this requires the help of a psychotherapist and other narrow specialists.

The program “12 steps”

Treatment of ludomania in Khmelnitsky is carried out according to the “12 steps” method — this program is relevant for combating various types of addictions (both gambling, and drugs or alcohol). The initial stage is the acceptance of your weakness, the final stage is the belief in your own strength. After completing each step, learning to trust and atoning for his guilt, the former ludomaniac will become a mentor himself, who helps and supports others.

The most common questions about the treatment of gambling addicts in Khmelnitsky

How do I know that a loved one is playing?

Debts, lies, inability to stop, daily visits to online casinos-these signs indicate that it is necessary to undergo treatment for gambling in Khmelnitsky.

How do I start a conversation and convince you to stop playing?

Often the player can not fully appreciate their own obsession, so work with a dependent person should be entrusted to experienced psychologists.

Is it possible to cure ludomania yourself at home?

You can try to defeat the disease yourself, but the risk of failure is too great — staying in a hospital rehabilitation center is much more effective.

What are the living conditions?

You can view the photos of the clinic on the website.

How much does it cost to treat gambling addiction?

Prices for the treatment of gambling addicts in Khmelnitsky are quite loyal — call now to find out more, as well as to get information about the preferential program.

How long to be treated for ludomania?

The average period of stay under the supervision of mentors is 2-6 months.

Thanks to the work of our team, dozens of patients have forgotten about the craving for gambling for a long time.

Rehabilitation center for gambling addicts Transformation — a place where you will always be helped

Comprehensive rehabilitation of gambling addicts in Khmelnitsky is one of the activities of the center. Contact us to get a free consultation and comprehensive answers to all your questions.