Treatment of gambling addiction in Cherkasy

Gambling addiction — an unhealthy passion for games: both computer games and gambling games. Addiction provokes depression, gradual degradation, suicidal tendencies, cruelty. In such cases, a comprehensive treatment of gambling addiction in Cherkasy is required in a drug rehabilitation center for alcohol addicts and people with other types of addiction.

Anonymous effective treatment of gambling addiction in Cherkasy

A person who is addicted to betting, casino slots, cards, winnings and losses, can not cope without the professional help of doctors. Therefore, you should contact the rehabilitation center Transformation at the International Anti-Drug Association (IAA).

Qualified psychotherapists, psychologists and rehabilitologists have been helping people get rid of their gambling obsession for more than a decade.

How does the treatment of gambling addiction in Cherkasy go?

Treatment of gambling addiction in Cherkasy is carried out anonymously by specialists with extensive experience in this field. In addition to the use of medications, the ludoman goes through other stages on the way to recovery:

rehabilitation-the pathological excitement is eliminated, the desire to play is suppressed;

resocialization-the player gradually returns to the society, to reality.

The 12 steps program

The program 12 steps, developed for the treatment of alcoholism, is the basis. Treatment of ludomania in Cherkasy on its basis implies a step-by-step overcoming of addiction and a gradual exit from it.

Gradually, step by step, the patient consciously returns to normal life.

The most common questions about the treatment of gambling addicts in Cherkasy

How do I know that a loved one is playing?

A person is excessively fond of computer games, his character has deteriorated, he constantly needs money.

How do I start a conversation and convince you to stop playing?

To help the player recover, it is best to contact the specialists of a drug rehabilitation center or a private clinic.

Is it possible to cure ludomania yourself at home?

Treatment of gambling in Cherkasy at home is effective in rare cases. A guaranteed result can only be achieved by staying in a hospital in a specialized center.

What are the living conditions?

The center’s website contains photographs reflecting the living conditions of patients.

How much does it cost to treat ludomania?

Treatment of gambling addicts in Cherkasy is charged individually. In some situations, preferential rates apply.

How long to be treated for ludomania?

The minimum rehabilitation of gambling addicts in Cherkasy lasts two months, but, according to the recommendations of doctors, you should stay in the center for at least six months.

Among the patients of the center there are former players who lead a normal lifestyle for more than three years.

Rehabilitation center for gambling addicts Transformation — a place where you will always be helped

Treatment of gambling addiction in Cherkasy is a serious, step-by-step and lengthy process. Our center employs the best specialists. If necessary, you will be provided with a free consultation.