Alcoholism treatment according to the “12 steps” program

Chronic alcoholism is a serious disease in the process of development of which a pathological craving for alcohol-containing drinks is formed. People suffering from this type of addiction lose the ability to control the rate of alcohol consumption, and over time, withdrawal disorders join the main problem, which leads to binge drinking. In the vast majority of cases, the death of patients occurs due to all kinds of complications that arise from the toxic effects of alcohol and its decay products on vital organs.

To return their loved ones to normal life and stop the progression of the disease, the only correct solution is to treat alcoholism. For many years, our private and anonymous center has been successfully helping anyone who is addicted to alcohol. The basis of our treatment is the 12-step program, the effectiveness of which surpasses the existing alternative solutions. Rapid treatment of alcohol addiction requires mandatory group sessions that help patients gain new experiences, share feelings , to find support among others in trouble. To achieve the maximum effect, specialists in the field of rehabilitation and psychology are constantly working in the center, who help to create a special atmosphere of mutual trust.

Peculiarities of treatment

The effectiveness of treatment depends to a large extent on the patient himself. It will take some time and work on yourself to fully restore it. The 12 Steps course is highly effective and was created back in the 30s of the last century in the United States. Such a long period of its existence once again proves the effectiveness of the program. We are honest with our patients and do not promise to cure absolutely all addicts. But we can proudly declare real results: more than 40 percent of patients who have completed the course return to normal life and recover from addiction.

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The duration of treatment is directly dependent on factors such as drinking history, their type (for example, beer alcoholism), concomitant chronic diseases. The minimum treatment period is 1 month, and the full recovery program will take 6 months. Both relatives and the patient himself should understand that his dependence on alcohol has been forming for a long time. No addict considers himself an alcoholic due to the widespread availability and legality of alcohol.
Alcoholism treatment according to the "12 steps" program
That is why people most often seek help in critical situations, when the disease has already led to irreversible changes, destroys a person’s social life, family relationships. The initiative in this case is most often shown not by the patients themselves, but by close people, in this case, compulsory treatment of alcoholism is possible. Alcohol becomes a participant in the metabolism in the body of a chemically dependent person. All spheres of human life are affected: physiological, spiritual and intellectual. Therefore, quick treatment of alcoholics in this case is impossible.

Nobody can give a 100% guarantee against a possible failure of the patient after the end of the course. However, if all the recommendations are followed, its probability is reduced to zero. If a breakdown does occur, in most cases, addicts independently apply for a rehabilitation course and only sometimes the patient’s relatives insist on compulsory treatment.

The cost of our course of treatment is in the middle price range among similar offers on the Ukrainian market and therefore, these are really inexpensive prices for the treatment of alcoholism. We love our work and our entire team, consisting of narcologists, rehabilitation therapists of our country, works for one big goal – to return people in trouble to a normal life. Paid treatment for alcoholism in our hospital is an effective way out.
Alcoholism treatment according to the "12 steps" program
One of the important advantages of our comprehensive program is resocialization of our patients. Adaptation in society takes place under the supervision of the best specialists in the field of psychology and narcology. After the main course of treatment for alcoholism, the patient can attend our special sports and therapy camps, which will help him to gain confidence on the way to a new – sober life. These events are held by the International Anti-Drug Association twice a year. Here meetings are held with many interesting people and patrons of the IAA – the acting Minister of Health of Ukraine, representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, actors, athletes, representatives of show business, as well as priests.

During the course of the course, the patient daily participates in various activities with specialists in the field of psychology, rehabilitation, and narcology. The program includes classes aimed at spiritual and moral development, sessions of group and individual psychotherapy, art therapy. In their free time, clients visit the bathhouse, cinema, bowling, play sports games.

12 Steps Course

The 12 Steps course involves treatment away from the environment in which the patient has been in recent years. This helps him to mobilize and get on the path of physical and spiritual healing. The center is a closed type hospital, and therefore there are no free visits to it. This measure eliminates the likelihood of gaining access to chemicals on the territory of the center and guarantees 100% anonymity for clients undergoing a rehabilitation program. However, telephone contact with addicts is allowed. All the information you are interested in about the course of treatment is also provided regularly by the individual family advisor.
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Our Alcohol Treatment Rebilitation Center “Transformation” is an officially registered organization , with all the necessary documents that we provide upon request. Our website does not list the addresses of our branches, since this is the only way we can adhere to the principle of anonymity in the provision of services and guarantee the high efficiency of the course. We work in many cities of Ukraine.

Alcohol addiction treatment should be carried out by specialists in this field. This guarantees positive results and the fastest possible return of the patient to normal life. We provide effective treatment for both female and male alcoholism. If necessary, we provide emergency home assistance. All additional information, including how much the course of treatment for alcoholic patients costs, what is the price for certain services, can be provided to you over the phone.
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