Treatment of alcoholism in Vinnytsia

Alcoholism is a serious problem in the modern world. Every year, at a younger age, people begin to drink alcohol. Very often, they do not calculate the dose, which leads to serious consequences. Treatment of alcoholism in Vinnytsia is an effective help to get rid of addiction at all stages.  

In Ukraine, the dependence on alcohol has acquired the scale of national importance. According to statistics, approximately 25,000 women and 53,000 men die from it every year. According to the WHO, Ukraine ranks first in the world in terms of teenage alcoholism.

According to the conducted research, about 90% of school-age children have tried alcohol (beer, wine), and about 26% of schoolchildren drink several times in a month. 40% of young people consume alcohol-containing beverages more than once a month from the age of 14 and already need treatment for alcohol addiction in Vinnytsia and in Ukraine as a whole.

Effective anonymous treatment of alcoholism in Vinnytsia

The rehabilitation center Transformation will help everyone who wants to overcome the disease by undergoing a full course of treatment for alcohol addiction in Vinnytsia. The center is part of the International Anti-Drug Association (IAA), and, accordingly, is engaged in the treatment of drug addicts in Vinnytsia.

Experienced doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists, and rehabilitologists have been working with patients for more than ten years.

How does the treatment of alcoholism in Vinnytsia go

In the rehabilitation center for alcohol addicts, the human recovery process is carried out in a complex and consists of three main stages:

  • detoxification;
  • rehabilitation;
  • resocialization.

Alcohol detoxification is the medical elimination of toxins from the body in order to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal (hangover syndrome), normalize the functioning of internal organs, and replenish the body with the necessary trace elements and vitamins. It is a preparatory stage for further guaranteed treatment of alcohol dependence in Vinnytsia.

Rehabilitation implies a complete recovery of a person. It is based on the program 12 steps. The goal of this stage is to save the alcoholic not only from physical dependence, but also from mental dependence, to motivate him to a sober life.

The third stage of treatment of alcoholics in Vinnytsia is resocialization, or a measured systematic restoration of relationships in all directions. It is a mandatory component of the course of treatment in a private clinic, as it allows you to consolidate the result and apply the newfound knowledge and skills in practice.

The 12 steps program

This program is a Minnesota model. It is successfully used all over the world, including in the clinic for the treatment of alcoholism in Vinnytsia. The program is adapted to the mentality of the citizens of our country and supplemented with various psychotherapeutic activities that allow you to achieve a positive result.

The most common questions about the treatment of alcohol addicts in Vinnytsia

How to understand that a loved one is abusing alcohol? The

first signs of abuse are regular use of alcohol in small quantities or rare-in large quantities.  

How to convince people to stop drinking and start treatment for alcoholism?

As a rule, the addict does not consider himself an alcoholic, so it is very difficult to persuade him not to take alcoholic beverages. If all attempts are unsuccessful, you should immediately contact a narcologist who can convince a person of the need for treatment in a specialized center.

Is it possible to cure alcohol addiction at home?

It is possible, but it is difficult and in most cases inefficient. At first, a person will suffer from a hangover and he will need to get drunk. Then everything goes in a circle. The maximum that really works is the withdrawal from the binge at home, followed by filing or encoding. The effect of such manipulations is there, but short-lived. It is better to be treated in a hospital of a specialized rehabilitation center.

What are the living conditions?

On the website of the rehabilitation center there are photos that you can use to assess the living conditions of patients.

How much does it cost to treat alcoholism?

The price is determined in each case individually. If the situation is difficult and the person needs it, then it is possible to provide benefits.

The treatment period depends on the stage of the disease and its severity — at least three months, but it is recommended to have a minimum of one year.

Is it possible to quit forever?

There are many people who have been leading a healthy lifestyle for more than five years.

Rehabilitation center for alcohol addicts Transformation — a place where you will always be helped

Our rehabilitation center will always provide assistance, provide advice and provide effective anonymous treatment of alcoholism in Vinnytsia. Transformation not only makes it possible to cope with a serious illness, but also helps to return to society, find a job and start a full life. You can call the phone number listed on the website at any time.