Treatment of alcoholism in Uzhgorod

The lives of millions of people have been destroyed by the addiction to hot drinks — and in the face of this disaster, everyone is equal: both men and women. And if one of the family members can not resist the craving for alcohol, then this will negatively affect those around him. Comprehensive treatment of alcoholism can help solve this problem. Uzhgorod is a city where the rehabilitation center Transformation is open and functioning, where everyone can get guaranteed help.

Effective anonymous treatment of alcoholism in Uzhgorod

You can deceive not only your loved ones, but also yourself, promising to say goodbye to the addiction, but every year the situation will only get worse. The consequences can be unpredictable, because such a strong and destructive blow to the body will leave a negative mark. Timely treatment of alcohol dependence in Uzhgorod significantly increases the chances of a successful recovery, and a specialized rehabilitation center is:

  • qualified psychiatrists, narcologists, rehabilitologists, psychotherapists;
  • comfort-everyday issues are carefully thought out so that patients can fully focus on the recovery process;

An effective method is the consistent implementation of the stages of the “12 steps” program, aimed at restoring both the body and the soul.

For more than a decade, the centers of the International Anti-Drug Association (IAA) have been providing assistance to those who have experienced alcohol or chemical addiction. Treatment of alcoholics in Uzhgorod is completely anonymous, and patient data is securely protected.

How is the treatment of alcoholism in Uzhgorod?

During a hangover, an alcoholic experiences serious torments: vascular spasm, muscle pain, dizziness, weakness, nausea. And only a new portion of alcohol (beer, wine, spirits) is able to stop these torments, and in the morning everything starts again. The only way to stop this endless running in a circle is the clinic for the treatment of alcoholism in Uzhgorod. Each patient goes through a full course that restores the soul and body:

  • detoxification-the removal of toxic substances, the removal of withdrawal syndrome;
  • drug therapy-support of all organs and systems, filling of deficiencies of useful substances;
  • rehabilitation — working with a psychologist and psychiatrist, working out internal doubts and experiences, restoring emotional balance.

The stage that completes the treatment of alcohol addiction in Uzhgorod is resocialization. This is a gradual return to society, introduction to cultural life, the formation of new hobbies and communication with like-minded people united by a common goal.

The program “12 steps”

Our own experience, as well as the data obtained from our foreign colleagues, demonstrate the effectiveness of the “12 Steps” program. The patient goes through all the stages: from accepting his impotence in the face of a pernicious passion to atoning for his guilt. An alcoholic slowly turns from a broken, exhausted person into a bright, self-confident person who can do anything-competent treatment for alcohol addiction in Uzhgorod will help you find the strength to live on, completely giving up alcohol.

The most common questions about the treatment of drug addicts in Uzhgorod

How to understand that a loved one is abusing alcohol?

Regularity in the use of strong drinks, hangover, inability to stop in time — the main signs of alcoholism.

How to convince people to stop drinking and start treatment for alcoholism?

Apply to a private rehabilitation center that conducts compulsory anonymous treatment of alcoholism in Uzhgorod.

Is it possible to cure alcohol addiction at home?

It is possible, but it is difficult-recovery in a hospital is much more effective and safer than independent withdrawal from a binge or coding.

What are the living conditions?

Photos of the living conditions are presented on the website.

How much does it cost to treat alcoholism?

The cost depends on the length of stay in the center, the stage of dependence and other factors. For those in need, it is possible to provide benefits.

How long to be treated for alcoholism?

The minimum term is 3 months, but experts recommend taking a full year course.

Is it possible to quit forever?

We have many women’s and men’s stories with positive experiences.

Rehabilitation center for drug addicts Transformation — a place where you will always be helped

Treatment of drug addicts in Uzhgorod and assistance to people with alcohol dependence are the main directions of our activity. Take advantage of this opportunity today-call us to get a free consultation and learn more about the conditions of your stay in the rehabilitation center.