Treatment of alcoholism in Rivne

Alcoholism is a problem that has not lost its relevance for decades. Most addicts refuse to admit that the craving for alcoholic beverages has become permanent, it absorbs and affects all areas of life. You can lose a lot of time on endless requests and persuasions, or initially entrust the treatment of alcoholism to professionals. Rivne is one of the cities where the centers of the IAA (International Anti-Drug Association) function, where you can get qualified help.

Effective anonymous treatment of alcoholism in Rivne

Comfortable conditions have been created for patients, which provide for the complete exclusion of contact with the outside world. The main principles that the Transformation Center team strictly adheres to:

  • anonymity;
  • comprehensive support;
  • a comprehensive approach.

For 10 years of work in this industry, our psychotherapists and rehabilitologists have accumulated sufficient practical experience — hundreds of happy stories of recovery. Competent and effective treatment of alcohol dependence in Rivne will help to cope with the trouble, eliminating the habit of looking for relaxation in beer, vodka or wine.

How is the treatment of alcoholism in Rivne?

As long as a person is under the influence of alcohol, any interaction with him is meaningless. An alcoholic will not hear the most reasonable arguments, so before you start working with a psychologist and psychiatrist, the patient must go through the following stages under the supervision of a qualified narcologist:

  • Detoxification-withdrawal from binge drinking, cleansing the body of harmful, dangerous substances. Basic procedures that begin the treatment of alcoholics in Rivne.
  • Stabilization of the emotional state — the doctor will select sedatives, as well as prescribe antidepressants if necessary.
  • Drug therapy — support for all organs and systems, the selection of drugs that reduce cravings for alcohol.

The main advantage of the patient’s stay in a private rehabilitation center is that he is in an isolated environment, in which contact with those who can have a negative impact and force him to return to his previous life is completely excluded. After undergoing full treatment for alcohol addiction in Rivne, the person returns refreshed. At the stage of re-socialization, he will learn to live through any adversity and difficulties independently, without resorting to the help of stimulants or other methods of changing consciousness.

The program “12 steps”

The IAA centers use a special technique called “12 steps”. Consistently going through all the stages, the patient:

  • recognizes the problem;
  • appeals to a higher power for support;
  • corrects mistakes, apologizes, and compensates for the financial damage caused.

The treatment of alcohol addiction in Rivne ends with the role of a mentor — someone who is trusted and trusted. Supporting others in the fight against addiction, the former alcoholic can not afford to stumble or return to the old passion-and this is the main motivation to continue the fight for a healthy, fulfilling future.

The most common questions about the treatment of drug addicts in Rivne

How to understand that a loved one is abusing alcohol?

Hangover syndrome, the inability to refuse another portion of alcohol, binge drinking — the main factors that indicate the presence of alcohol dependence.

How to convince people to stop drinking and start treatment for alcoholism?

Each patient needs a special approach — the clinic for the treatment of alcoholism in Rivne offers special programs for men and women, and psychologists are guaranteed to find convincing words that will make you take the course.

Is it possible to cure alcohol addiction at home?

At home, recovery will be long and there is always a risk of failure due to the desire to get drunk, so recovery is recommended to take place in a hospital.

What are the living conditions?

Photos of women’s and men’s rooms are presented on the website.

How much does it cost to treat alcoholism?

The cost is calculated individually, and a preferential program is available.

How long to be treated for alcoholism?

Treatment of drug addicts in Rivne, as well as getting rid of alcohol addiction, takes about a year, the minimum period is 3 months.

Is it possible to quit forever?

After completing the course, the main percentage of patients no longer returns to the use of alcoholic beverages.

Rehabilitation center for drug addicts Transformation — a place where you will always be helped

Our team consists of professionals with many years of experience, who are ready to provide qualified assistance. Call us right now to get a free consultation and learn more about the anonymous treatment of alcoholism in Rivne.