Alcoholism treatment in Kryvyi Rih

In modern society, alcohol consumption has become a tradition, which is followed not only during the holidays. Despite this, not everyone who allows himself to drink this or that amount of alcoholic beverages becomes an alcoholic. The reasons for the development of alcoholism can be both social factors and hereditary, physiological disorders.

According to the WHO, every year in the world about 2.5 million people die from alcohol abuse, and material losses from this addiction in Europe alone reach 300 billion euros (this includes the cost of buying alcohol and treating addiction and diseases ).

The Rehabilitation Center “Transformation” offers a second chance for a successful and happy life, which is provided by a unique program based on the most successful course of treatment – “12 steps”. We have created unique conditions for treatment and rehabilitation, which allow you to look again at life with sober eyes in the shortest possible time.

Treatment of alcoholism in Kryvyi Rih: basic information

Treatment for alcoholism in Kryvyi Rih requires an individual approach to each patient. It is on this principle that the rehabilitation course of the “Transformation” center is built, in which the disease is viewed as a complex of biological, mental, social and spiritual disorders. Since the year the center was founded, specialists have managed to cure more than 2500 people from alcoholism. These people and their relatives found a new life, new opportunities and on their own experience proved the effectiveness of this course.

Regardless of the type of alcoholism (beer, regular), experience of alcohol abuse, the presence or absence of concomitant diseases – the rehabilitation program of the “Transformation” center gives a chance for a full recovery. Do not forget that alcoholism is a serious disease that requires the participation of specialists in different fields (psychologists, narcologists, rehabilitation therapists, etc.), and there are no miraculous remedies for its treatment that can instantly save you from the problem. We recommend that you contact only specialists in this area and together build a new life!

Treatment of alcohol addiction in Kryvyi Rih

As mentioned above, the treatment of alcoholism requires an individual approach to each addict and it is on this principle that the rehabilitation program “12 steps” is built. In general, the course consists of the following stages:

  • Detoxification. Cleansing the body of alcohol metabolites, relieving symptoms associated with the cessation of alcohol intake. If necessary, the patient’s health condition is corrected.
  • Rehabilitation. Classes in groups with psychologists and psychotherapists, art therapy, activities that promote spiritual and moral development, sports activities, etc.
  • Resocialization. A very important stage that allows the former addict to adapt to their familiar environment without drinking too much. Like all stages of treatment, resocialization takes place under the supervision of the center’s specialists, who, if necessary, provide assistance and support.

The rehabilitation course takes place in isolation from the usual addictive environment, with the exception of any contacts. This approach allows the alcohol addict to concentrate on the main purpose of his stay here – to restore mental and physical health.

Patients are guaranteed comfortable living conditions and complete anonymity.

Where to go?

Treatment of alcoholism in Krivoy Rog is carried out in the rehabilitation center “Transformation”. All the details can be found on the contact numbers listed on the website – Treatment services are provided anonymously.

Compulsory treatment of alcoholism in Kryvyi Rih (by relatives) turns out to be in critical situations – in this case, the main task of specialists is to stabilize the patient’s condition and motivate him for treatment. If necessary, we provide emergency (urgent) assistance at home, including psychological.

To learn more about the alcoholism treatment program at our center, please follow the link & nbsp; or view the infographic.

Step one

Acknowledging Our Powerlessness: The first step in the program for the addict is to admit that he is no longer in control of his own life. Understanding that we cannot save our lives on our own is the first step to our recovery.

Step two

In his struggle with the disease, the patient can enlist the help of God, such as he sees him.

Step three

The patient learns to trust the power that leads him to recovery; he completely delegates control of his life to this power.

Step four

The stage of careful introspection: the patient reveals his hidden fears and negative experiences to the group in order to understand the root cause of the development of the disease.

Step five

The patient accepts himself and his negative experience; he admits his mistakes not only to himself, but also to his loved ones and to God leading him.

Step six

The patient prepares for active actions aimed at getting rid of the disease. He understands that alcohol or drugs is not the cause of addiction. The reason lies in himself. You can defeat addiction only by changing yourself.

Step seven

Based on the experience of other members of the group, patients begin to correct their own behavioral patterns, correcting their shortcomings.

Step eight

The patient makes a list of the people he has harmed during his illness and prepares himself to apologize for the pain and make amends.

Step nine

The patient apologizes and compensates for the damage to all people offended by him. Thus, he gets rid of remorse and forgives himself.

Step ten

The patient develops the habit of constantly analyzing his actions and immediately admitting his mistakes. This is learning self-control and responsibility for his life

Step eleven

The patient continues his path of reflection. This allows him to develop the spiritual essence of the addict, his moral sphere.

Step twelve

The patient uses the knowledge gained during the course to help himself and other victims of addiction. He uses these skills in all areas of his life, thus achieving inner harmony and happiness.

You can find out how much a rehabilitation course at the Transformation Center costs by calling the hotline. Do not forget that the cost of treatment depends on a number of factors, which include the length of time and the type of addiction, the presence of other diseases, etc. Give your loved ones and yourself a new life!

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