Treatment of alcoholism in Kirovograd (Kropyvnytskyi)

Contrary to popular belief that alcoholism is evidence of personal promiscuity, complete degradation and indifference to loved ones and relatives, alcohol dependence is, first of all, a terrible disease. Often it ends in the death of a person, therefore it requires qualified and urgent treatment.

Alcohol dependence paralyzes the will and contributes to the fact that a person ceases to resist the desire to drink. Persuasions of loved ones, promises to oneself to end alcoholism, as a rule, do not provide the desired effect and the degradation continues rapidly. The best thing that can be done for the benefit of the patient and his loved ones is to start treatment for alcoholism in Kropyvnytskyi. The Narcological Center for Rehabilitation and Resocialization of the International Anti-Drug Association “Transformation” is an institution where a person suffering from alcohol addiction will be helped to return to normal life. We treat effectively:

  •   female alcoholism;
  •   male alcoholism;
  •   beer alcoholism.

Also, the specialists of “Transformation” successfully remove people who periodically abuse alcohol from binge drinking.

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Alcohol addiction: a personality defect or a complex disease?

An alcoholic is a person suffering from chemical addiction that gradually absorbs his personality and suppresses the ability to resist. Of course, at the initial stage, most people consume beer, vodka and other strong drinks voluntarily, enjoying the state of intoxication. But then the stage comes when he ceases to control himself and drinks, because he cannot stop.

At the first stage of addiction, when alcohol is a pleasure, the alcoholic himself and his family cannot recognize the symptoms of the disease. It seems that you can stop drinking at any time. How to understand that a loved one is having problems with alcohol? At the initial stage, this is evidenced by:

  •   loss of protective gag reflex;
  •   increasing the amount of alcohol consumed;
  •   an irresistible urge to drink on a regular basis.

Treatment of alcoholism in Kropyvnytskyi very rarely begins at the first stage of addiction. Most alcoholics consider themselves healthy, and in the meantime, the disease passes to the second stage – physical dependence. Its main symptoms are hangover and the appearance of a plateau of tolerance. A hangover is a condition that occurs after heavy alcohol intoxication and is characterized by an irresistible urge to drink. It is characterized by severe headache, increased fatigue, poor health, weakness and restless sleep.

The plateau of tolerance is a multiple increase in the dose of alcohol required for intoxication. At the second stage, alcoholism takes on a cyclical or permanent form. If a person drinks cyclically (binge), his colleagues and relatives do not always manage to recognize the disease. It is at this stage that personality degradation begins. The urgent need to receive treatment for alcoholism in Kirovograd is characteristic of the third stage of the disease. A person is no longer able to take large quantities of alcohol, because of this he drinks in small portions, but constantly. He also feels bad all the time.

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Effective recovery from alcohol addiction

Undergoing treatment in the “Transformation” rehabilitation center is an effective option for treating alcoholism. The main thing is that it should be a conscious decision on the part of a dependent person. Support from loved ones is no less important. It often happens that an alcoholic wants to get out of the vicious circle, but he cannot do it on his own. And relatives, partner and friends have already come to terms with the fact that he is degrading and do not try to help.

Our practice confirms that if a patient and his family want to get rid of a problem, the chances of recovery are very high. Alcohol addiction treatment in Kirovograd involves a balanced assessment of factors such as:

  •   form of alcoholism;
  •   alcoholic experience;
  •   stage of the disease;
  •   related somatic and mental conditions;
  •   factors provoking the patient’s alcoholism.

A good result is provided by individual and group work of residents of “Transformation” with a psychologist, meetings and communication with people who have given up alcohol and have completely changed their lives. Remember, only specialists are able to find the best way to get rid of alcoholism, which will be effective and will not cause the patient even more harm. Therefore, we strongly discourage:

  •   “encoded”;
  •   use drugs whose manufacturers guarantee quick relief from addiction;
  •   take other steps that have not been agreed with an alcoholism or drug addiction doctor.

The 12 Steps Program in Alcohol Treatment

To get rid of alcohol addiction at any stage, we offer a unique “12 steps” program, which has proven its effectiveness in practice. Under the guidance of a specialist, the patient must go through 12 stages, at the last of which he completely get rid of alcoholism:

  •   Acknowledgment that a person cannot cope with a problem on their own.
  •   Awareness of the need for outside help, from relatives and qualified specialists.
  •   Teaching trust in professionals who help patients overcome addiction.
  •   Group self-analysis aimed at forming motivation to get rid of alcoholism.
  •   The realization that alcohol is not the cause of addiction, the reason is the person himself.
  •   Adjust your own behavior patterns.
  •   Preparing for reconciliation with people who have been harmed by the patient during the illness.
  •   Reconciliation with loved ones, forgiving yourself for bad deeds committed under the influence of alcohol.
  •   Forming a habit of analyzing your actions and their consequences.
  •   Development of the spiritual essence and moral sphere of a former alcoholic.
  •   Addiction recovery using the skills and knowledge gained during the course.

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