Treatment of alcoholism in Donetsk

Alcoholism is a real disaster of our time and a complex disease. Today, people start drinking alcohol very early, even at school age. This often leads to consequences that require the attention of doctors. Get high-quality care will allow the treatment of alcoholism (Donetsk) in a private clinic.

Every year in Ukraine, alcohol addiction leads to the death of thousands of men and women. According to the WHO, our country is also a leader in alcoholism among adolescents.

According to the research results, up to 90% of school students used alcohol (wine, low-alcohol drinks, vodka, beer), 26% drink more than once or twice a month, 40% of 14-year-olds and older drink alcohol often and they already need treatment for alcohol dependence in Donetsk. 80% — male alcoholism, 20% — female.

Effective anonymous treatment of alcoholism in Donetsk

As a member of the International Anti-Drug Association, which has been working with addicts for many years, the Transformation Rehabilitation center provides effective assistance to alcoholics, drug addicts, and provides treatment for drug addicts in Donetsk.

For more than 10 years, highly qualified specialists in various fields have been treating patients: rehabilitologists, narcologists, psychotherapists, psychologists.

How does the treatment of alcoholism in Donetsk go

The process of returning a person to normal life and preparing directly for the treatment of alcohol addiction in Donetsk consists of three main aspects:

  • detoxification is the elimination of alcohol withdrawal syndrome (withdrawal) pharmacology;
  • rehabilitation — guaranteed release from all types of addiction, physical, mental (the program 12 steps);
  • resocialization — the resumption of relationships in society (working, personal), return to normal life.   

The 12 steps program

The program is actively used in the practice of the IAA, is widespread in all countries of the world and is a key element of treatment for alcohol dependence in Donetsk. Specialists of the Rehabilitation Center supplemented it with their own developments and adapted it to the perception of the local population.

The most common questions about the treatment of alcohol addicts in Donetsk

How to understand that a loved one is abusing alcohol?

The main symptoms of abuse are the use of alcoholic beverages constantly a little or rarely, but a lot, the desire to get drunk, changes in behavior.  

How to convince people to stop drinking and start treatment for alcoholism?

A person who is dependent on alcohol is sure that he is absolutely healthy, so often persuasions to stop drinking do not work on him. In such cases, you should use the help of a specialist who can convince him to go to a private drug treatment clinic or center.

Is it possible to cure alcohol addiction at home?

Treatment of alcoholics in Donetsk, as elsewhere, is better carried out in specialized hospitals. At home, you can treat yourself, but it is difficult to get a guaranteed result. To save a person from a hangover, it can be taken out of a binge at home. Encoding and filing are also practiced, but the effect of these procedures is usually temporary.

You can view the living conditions on the official website, where photos of your stay are published.

How much does it cost to treat alcoholism?

The cost of treatment of alcoholism in Donetsk is determined on an individual basis. In special cases, a preferential program is available.

How long to be treated for drug addiction?

Anonymous treatment of alcoholism in Donetsk is carried out for 3 months or longer, but experts recommend at least 12 months, depending on the degree and form of the disease.

Is it possible to quit forever?

In the practice of our specialists, there are cases when people after a course of treatment do not drink for more than 5 years.

Rehabilitation center for alcohol addicts Transformation — a place where you will always be helped

The rehabilitation center for alcohol addicts provides an opportunity for people to return to normal life. If necessary, you can get an anonymous consultation by calling the number listed on the website.