Consultation “Equal to equal”

There are many approaches to the treatment of alcoholism, gambling addiction and other types of addiction, Peer counseling transformation each of which is effective in its own way, we at the RC “Transformation” use the most effective of them in our comprehensive rehabilitation program. Peer counseling is among the most effective mental health treatment methods worldwide and is a key factor in the success of a rehabilitation program. Thanks to the use of this technique, the path of addicts in the course of rehabilitation and treatment of addictions is much easier to overcome.

A peer is a member of the therapeutic community with personal experience of substance use and successful, long-term recovery. Thus, this is a person who knows the wrong side of illness and recovery, has gone through the same steps of recovery. An equal can be a client, a psychotherapist, a social worker, and even a director of a rehabilitation center with a successful experience of recovery, who has a long history of psychoactive substance use. It is the people who were once addicted like no other doctor in drug addiction who are able to understand the world of the addict who came for treatment – his emotions, thoughts, reactions, memories, etc.

This approach allows you to recognize the depth of the client’s problem, find the shortest path to the addict’s inner world, understand his feelings and aspirations and motivate the person to treat addiction. In group psychotherapy, the “equal” shares his experience of use and successful recovery, this contributes to the correction of attitudes and knowledge of the addict. Motivates him to change his behavior and life.

Alcoholism, drug addiction and gambling addiction are psychological diseases, each addict has his own psychological barriers, which are often beyond the control of an ordinary doctor or psychologist. Such patients need a special approach, the approach of people who, through their personal experience, have experienced everything that the RC client goes through. When a person who turns to us for help realizes that he is truly understood, they hear that there are people like himself next to him, the addict gradually opens up to study his problem and absorb a new healthy lifestyle. There is no longer a need to close oneself off from a society that is unable to understand its complex inner world, there is no need to lie and avoid answers. The equal helps the client to change and start a new life without alcohol and drugs.