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How to get an addict to quit using

Drug addiction is one of the most serious problems of modern society, which affects various social groups. As for the age of drug addicts, in recent years this disease has become significantly younger, and given the destructive effect of drugs on the body, there are practically no mature people among drug addicts.

Manufacturers and sellers of narcotic substances supply new synthetic fast-acting drugs and well-known slow-acting psychoactive substances (morphine, heroin, etc.).

Before everyone who is faced with the problem of drug addiction in the family, the question arises of choosing the tactics of further actions, the purpose of which is to cure the addict. It is almost impossible to force a drug addict to quit using drugs, given the fact that by the time he realizes the fullness of the problem, he develops a persistent addiction. Therefore, the question: "How to make a drug addict stop using drugs?" is not entirely correct. The task of loved ones is to do everything possible, using professional help, to convince the addict to undergo treatment.

In this article we will talk about how to convince a drug addict to get treatment, how to behave with a drug addict husband or a child addicted to drugs.

How to help someone stop using drugs

One of the most common problems associated with drug addiction is the codependency of loved ones. Thus, addiction can be called a disease not only of the addict himself, but also of his immediate environment. Therefore, family involvement in the addict's recovery process is inevitable.

The first thing that relatives need to do is to stop harboring illusions. The constant promises of the addict to quit taking drugs, combined with requests for material assistance, will never be fulfilled! Remember - in front of you is a sick person, whose main purpose of existence is to alleviate his own condition. As much as you would like to help a loved one to endure another "withdrawal", to ease his torment, you should understand that this is only a small delay and each next dose complicates and delays the moment of healing.

A clear sign of your codependency is the desire to justify your husband, son, father, who, in your erroneous opinion, only stumbled a little and only because he has a difficult period in his life, and tomorrow he will take up his mind and life will follow its usual course.

To determine if you are codependent, answer the following questions:

  • Have you had to pay off the debts of a loved one?
  • Do you feel a material shortage caused by high spending on drugs?
  • Have you had to solve the problems of a loved one in the police?
  • Do you have to lie to hide a relative's addiction?
  • Do you use sedatives to help you fall asleep faster?
  • Could you leave home for a long time, leaving your loved one alone?
  • Do you believe that he will quit using drugs and your life will return to its normal course?

If you gave positive answers to most of the questions, then your loved one needs rehabilitation, and the first step must be taken by you and touch your own life. Relieve yourself of responsibility for everything that happens in his life. If he refuses treatment, deprive him of any material assistance, entrust him with household responsibilities, do not solve any problems that have arisen because of his lifestyle.

This model of behavior may seem excessively strict, but only it can induce a drug addict to try to change something in his life and this is the only correct answer to the question: “How to make a drug addict get treatment ? ". If necessary, the specialists of our clinic will help to motivate the addict for treatment. Experienced psychologists can provide the necessary assistance with a home visit.

In the rehabilitation center "Transformation" courses are open for relatives of addicts, where they will help you develop the necessary model of behavior, here you can also communicate with those who have already encountered such problems and successfully coped with them.

Our clinic is a comprehensive solution to the problem of drug addiction. They know how to quit drugs forever and this is proved by the positive experience of drug addicts treatment for more than 12 years.

The rehabilitation center for addicts "Transformation" offers professional services - anonymously and guaranteed throughout Ukraine -

The rehabilitation center "Transformation", which operates under the International Anti-Drug Association in Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, and Azerbaijan, is a place where you will always be helped.

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