Self-help groups for addicts

Self-help groups for addicts

Rehabilitation support group for addicted people

Every Thursday 17:00

Dnipro, Ukraine
Speaker: Dmitry Kirienko


Ave. Dmitry Yavornitsky, 60, 3rd floor, office 52


This group is attended only by former participants of the rehabilitation program “Transformation” RC. In support groups, people continue to learn more about their addiction and join the circle of people who have also managed to cope with the problems associated with their own addictions. They are surrounded and can talk to people who are united by one goal – sobriety. Such meetings are very inspiring; the addict can share with them what family members may simply not understand. In other words, meetings simply cannot be missed. They are a necessary part of the healing process.

Anonymous Free

For more information, please call:
+38 (050) 887-25-07

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