Group and individual psychocorrectional work

Group and individual psychocorrectional workFamily relations play a significant role in the formation of drug addiction. According to the studies, the mother has the greatest influence on the addict, so she is the main “codependent” member of the family.

Relationships in families where one of its members is a drug addict are conflicting. As a rule, the parents of a drug addict are not socially active, there is a lack of mutual assistance in the family, it is not customary to openly express their feelings, and its members tend to hide pressing problems. As practice shows, mothers of drug addicts tend to focus on the shortcomings of their children, are not able to abstract from the experiences and life of an adult child.

That is why, one of the primary tasks in the process of drug addiction treatment, the “Transformation” rehabilitation center sees psychocorrectional work, both individually and in groups, with family members of drug addicts or codependents.


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Treatment of drug addiction: psychocorrection as one of the stages

Group and individual psychocorrectional workSpecialists working in the field of drug addiction treatment agree that drug addiction is a disease with a complex etiology, therefore, effective therapy in this case is possible only with an integrated approach. After measures aimed at combating the symptoms of withdrawal symptoms, the role of psychotherapeutic methods, programs aimed at social adaptation of addicts increases significantly.

According to the psychoanalyst Würsmer (USA), there are four main types of communication disorders in the family that affect the formation and development of addiction, and the French scientist Erzog believes that the main impetus for drug addiction is the violation of the relationship of the addict with his father, when the latter plays family is a passive role.

The” Transformation “drug addicts’ rehabilitation center conducts psychocorrectional work, during which intra-family relations are significantly changes, positive relationships and emotional acceptance by family members of each other are established.

The main tasks of the drug addicts help center during psychocorrection:

  • correction of the emotional state of the parents;
  • correction of attitudes towards an adult dependent child;
  • harmonization of family relations.

In the process of normalizing the emotional state, the efforts of specialists are aimed at reducing anxiety, developing the ability to differentiate personal emotions, feelings, and increasing self-esteem.

When correcting attitudes towards the child, the main targets are the parents’ excessive attention to the negative characteristics of the addict, excessive expectations towards the drug addict.

When harmonizing family relations, the fight is against the inability of family members to openly express their feelings, with a sense of the mother’s excessive responsibility for the situation that has arisen.

Anonymous Addiction Treatment

Group and individual psychocorrectional workAddiction is expressed in a pathological craving for the use of substances that cause a psychotropic effect, which is a consequence of a person’s physical and psychological dependence. Drug addiction causes serious disorders in the psyche and physical health of a person, leads to changes in behavior, is the cause of social problems.

Drug addiction treatment is a complex and lengthy process that requires an integrated approach and methodical restoration of the physical and spiritual sphere of a person. It is impossible to cope with drug addiction on your own, which is explained by the complete suppression of the will of the addict, unbearable physical suffering during the period of withdrawal syndrome.

Anonymous treatment in the center for drug addiction rehabilitation” Transformation “consists of several main stages:

  • detoxification (body cleansing);
  • rehabilitation;
  • resocialization.

The task of detoxification is to cleanse the body of drugs and their decay products. This allows you to reduce the severity and amount of withdrawal symptoms, and normalize metabolic processes in the body. At this stage, they also resort to various medication methods of treatment that help cope with the condition of “withdrawal”.

The second stage is rehabilitation. This is the main part of the course, which is devoted to the mental health of a person, his spiritual rebirth. It is based on the unique “12 steps” program, created in the 30s of the last century. During its existence, it has helped tens of thousands of people around the world get rid of various types of addictions. Rehabilitation is a kind of psychotherapeutic course, which consists of group and individual sessions with psychologists and psychotherapists, activities aimed at spiritual development, sports activities, art therapy, etc.

The final and very important stage is the resocialization or adaptation of addicts to life in society after rehabilitation. Under the influence of stress, social problems, bad relationships in the family, addiction to drugs can develop again, therefore, during this period, experts set themselves the task of teaching addicts to resist life’s difficulties. Since former drug addicts are at risk, they should always remain in the field of vision of specialists – this will help to avoid relapses.


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Psychocorrectional work with addicts in the Rehabilitation Center


The “Transformation” narcological clinic offers comprehensive drug treatment assistance to all who are in trouble, regardless of the length of time they use drugs, their type (hard or light drugs). One of the important areas of our activity is psychological assistance (psychocorrection) for codependents.

We provide drug treatment not only in the center, but also at home (voluntary-compulsory motivation). Compulsory treatment is carried out only in extreme cases and with the permission of the addict’s relatives. It is possible to get rid of addiction and the main factor affecting the effectiveness of treatment is time, therefore, at the first signs of the disease, we recommend contacting specialists. This can be done on the official website of the clinic or by calling the hotline.