Drug addiction can destroy the body and mind of a person, his reputation, life, and undermine the well-being and health of the family. Alcohol and drugs prevent a person from objectively assessing their condition, and addiction gradually forces a person to increase the dose, which makes his recovery even more difficult.

Detoxification is the first step towards recovery, it is a way to help a drug addict or alcoholic see the world soberly, and the first step in the drug addiction treatment and alcoholism process.

Detoxification of the body in the drug treatment center Transformation

Turning to specialists in narcology, you will help your loved one get rid of the toxins that poison his body and reduce the effect of the consequences after using alcohol or hard drugs. Under the supervision of a specialist, the addict will be completely safe and will receive the necessary drug treatment at any time.

Home and hospital


If your relative agrees to undergo the procedure in the clinic, a cozy room, polite and attentive specialists will be at his service. The drug treatment team can also go home if your loved one is unable to go to the hospital.

  Quality drugs    


Modern techniques and preparations allow you to cleanse the body quickly and safely for the patient.



Narcologists have extensive experience with various types of chemical addiction. Understanding all the features of the disease, narcologists are ready to provide emergency assistance and respond quickly if the patient’s health is in danger.


By contacting our drug treatment center Transformation to cleanse the addict’s body (detoxification for drug addiction or alcohol detoxification), you will help him take a sober look at the world, take the path to change his worldview and improve his life.


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Detoxification and withdrawal of withdrawal symptoms at home

Withdrawal syndrome, or “withdrawal” makes the addict again and again to return to the drug. It is the fear of physical pain that contributes to the formation of persistent psychological dependence. Removal of withdrawal symptoms and complete detoxification of the body, performed by specialists, is the beginning of the fight against addiction. Cleansing the body and detoxifying drugs with the help of modern drugs will relieve the addict from the fear of withdrawal, and therefore give him strength to fight the disease.

The most dangerous problem faced by relatives of alcoholics is binge. The period of uncontrolled drinking can last for weeks, leading to severe intoxication.

Our rehabilitation center Transformation offers its services for getting out of hard drinking and detoxification of an alcohol addict. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can ask for a free consultation on your situation, we will be happy to help.

Transformation is a place where you will be understood and helped.