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Александр Шуляк

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Александр Шуляк

What if the next rehabilitation did not help?

Drugs are a disease that destroys more than just the body. It touches the soul, takes away the feeling of joy, bringing with it only emptiness and disappointment. Coping with physical and mental pain is so difficult that a person buys a new dose over and over again, so as not to experience these torments. The way out of this situation will be rehabilitation abroad , which will allow you to break the connection with the destructive past, starting a new path.

Is there a chance to beat drug addiction?

Very often, relatives try to cope with the misfortune on their own, especially if the addict categorically denies attempts to turn to specialists. They act by persuasion, requests, threats, use any available methods. And it seems like there is a ghostly chance to achieve the cherished goal, but in the end it leads to serious consequences. The result of improper rehabilitation:

  • The anger of a drug addict - he sees in those around him only traitors who prevent him from living peacefully. This leads to aggression, violence and exacerbation of the problem, and also makes the family life unbearable.
  • Impact on health - there are special medications that help relieve withdrawal symptoms. Wrong actions can lead to sad outcomes, including death.
  • Significant financial losses - huge amounts are wasted, and as a result, the situation is rapidly deteriorating. A mistaken impression is created that a person cannot be saved and that all that remains is to accept and accept his illness as inevitable.

But you can't give up. Struggle helps you move forward by finding new ways to break this vicious cycle. The main thing is not to count on a quick result, “drug addiction treatment in 3 sessions”, “recovery in a week”, “unique methods of dealing with addiction” are a lie. The course of treatment will be long, it can take about six months, but during this period amazing transformations take place - and the past will remain in the past, and the future will be filled with light and joy.

Why didn't drug addiction treatment work?

There are many examples when, after rehabilitation, a person returned to drug use. Someone manages to hold out for a month, someone a year, and someone even a couple of years, but in the end everyone returns to their former life. This happens for a number of reasons:

  • Pain points are not worked out - there is always an event that served as a catalyst. If you do not identify it, do not work out this moment, then a breakdown will be inevitable. That is why an addicted person needs help not only from a narcologist, but also from a psychotherapist, who will analyze his feelings to the smallest detail and help him see the situation from the other side.
  • No place has been found in a new life - no hobbies, no work. The search for a source of income can be delayed, due to which shaky self-confidence is lost, disappointment appears, and, accordingly, the desire to cope with this pain by taking another dose of dangerous drugs.
  • Old ties have not been broken - “friends” are actively inviting to meetings, coming to visit, calling. All this reminds of carefree days when there was no need to think about everyday problems - the illusion of pleasure attracts and draws into its networks.

After going through all the circles of hell during the "withdrawal", having survived detoxification and drug therapy, the addict is exhausted - he is tormented by mental and physical pain. The simplest solution is to get rid of all problems, once again leaving the world of euphoria. According to statistics, about 60% of drug addicts cannot get rid of this destructive passion. But still, 4 out of 10 people will be able to defeat the disease - the main thing is to trust the professionals in this matter.

How effective is the treatment in foreign rehabilitation centers?

Treatment in a rehabilitation center is a whole cycle of procedures and activities. The program takes into account the smallest nuances, which allows you to completely change your consciousness and reach a completely new level of awareness and self-confidence. To exclude any breakdowns or temptations, it is worth going abroad - medical tourism gives a chance to start life from scratch. Recovery includes:

  • Cleansing the body, supporting all organs and systems - medications will help to establish proper sleep and normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Acceptance of one's illness and search for a higher power that will help to overcome it - a reassessment of values ​​occurs, the addict changes, learns to cope with inner pain, going towards his goal no matter what.
  • Shaping a new future - the patients of the rehabilitation center go in for sports, lead a healthy lifestyle, adhere to the strictest daily routine and constantly attend cultural and entertainment events. Training courses and the opportunity to master a new profession are provided.

Self-directed attempts to cope with the disease are futile and destructive - this has been proven by thousands of unsuccessful examples. Therefore, all efforts should be directed to the result, entrusting the solution of this task to professionals. Treatment abroad will just become that lifeline that will help you get out of the abyss of despair. Get expert advice today, having taken the first and most important step now - and the wall of hopelessness will collapse, and instead the path to a happy life will open.

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