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What if the husband is a drug addict? Recommendations

Drug addiction is a disease that does not know gender, social, age restrictions. Women and men, people who are wealthy and have no means of subsistence, in adolescence and old age become drug addicts.

Unfortunately, no one is safe from the fact that one day a drug addict will appear in his family. Our article is addressed to those who have faced drug addiction in their husbands. Our recommendations will tell you how to behave with a drug addict and what to do if your husband is a drug addict.

How to behave if your husband is a drug addict

The model of behavior should be formed in accordance with the individual characteristics of the drug addict and therefore we recommend that you contact the psychologists of the "Transformation" rehabilitation center, who will provide professional assistance in this matter .

Nevertheless, there are a number of points that we recommend to adhere to to everyone who has a drug addict in the family:

  • You should not blame your spouse for drug addiction - you need to accept his illness and realize that your loved one needs help.
  • Do not try to make your husband feel guilty by telling acquaintances, relatives, friends about his bad behavior.
  • Drive away from yourself the thought that drug addiction is incurable and no one will ever help you - look for ways to get rid of the disease, get to know this problem better, do not neglect the help of specialists.
  • Don't blame your husband, don't blame him - in a relationship with a sick person, this can only worsen the situation.
  • Do not let the addict be alone with their problem , but at the same time, do not show him that his addiction is the only problem that everyone around him is puzzled about.

Despite the fact that your spouse is one of the people closest to you, for a while you must forget about complete trust. You should not unconditionally believe that he has realized all the perniciousness of his situation and can cope with this problem on his own.

Your husband is addicted to drugs and his only goal is to get a new dose, for which he is ready to go to any tricks, even to the detriment of your once good relationship.

All your actions should be balanced and systematic, therefore we offer the following algorithm for your behavior, which will help to persuade him to treatment:

  • He should feel responsible for his actions. Addiction always gives rise to a large number of problems that you should not solve for your spouse. You should not pay debts for him, justify him to the head, take him away from law enforcement agencies, etc. The less attention you pay to such questions, the faster he will be able to grasp the gravity of the situation in which he finds himself.
  • It should be limited in funds. All the money the addict will spend on buying a dose. Even if you do not deny him material assistance, he will still look for additional sources of income, which are often theft and extortion.
  • Talk to him. You should have a dialogue. Discuss the accumulated problems with him, try to find out his opinion, future plans, but no need to put pressure on your husband.

And most importantly - do not forget that your life in no case should be devoted to a drug addict. If you follow this path, you will become codependent. In this situation, your husband will play a victim of drug addiction, and you will have to follow the rules of this game.

What to do - husband is a drug addict

To get rid of drug addiction you will have to go the hard way. This path will be fraught with many difficulties and mistakes. We would like to warn you against trying to use the help of numerous healers, psychotherapists, "specialists" treating drug addiction at home. Given the destructive effect of drugs on mental and physical health, it is possible to cope with this disease only with the help of comprehensive treatment, in which specialists from many fields will be involved. Below is a treatment program that can actually bring the desired effect:

  • Consultation of a psychologist and narcologist.
  • Detoxification.
  • Rehabilitation.
  • Social adaptation.
  • Support and control throughout life.

The first stage is consultation and the help of experienced psychologists, the purpose of which is to motivate the patient for treatment. Specialists of the Transformation Center provide such services even at home, helping the patient to really assess the situation and believe in success.

Detoxification is a complex of measures aimed at cleansing the body of drugs and their decay products. Already at this stage, the drug addict will be able to change his attitude towards his life, feeling some relief and believing in the possibility of getting rid of the disease.

Rehabilitation - the longest period during which attention is paid to the nervous system, spiritual revival. The task of specialists is to change the patient's outlook, to help him learn to enjoy life again, to find passion and self-confidence. The basis of this stage is the unique "12 steps" method, which has been helping people with different types of addiction to find freedom for over 80 years.

Social adaptation. This is the long-awaited moment when the addict will be able to return to society again. Return already a different person. Here, as before, there are many problems and temptations, which an experienced psychologist should help him to cope with, teach him to react correctly to certain life situations.

Patient treatment does not end after a rehabilitation course. They should always remain in the field of vision of specialists who will support them in difficult times and help avoid relapses.

In the drug treatment center "Transformation" all conditions have been created to support addicts throughout their lives. One of the examples is special camps, in which everyone can find their circle of friends, meet and communicate with interesting people, including those who have achieved great success in art, show business, sports.

The rehabilitation center for addicts "Transformation" offers professional services - anonymously and guaranteed throughout Ukraine -

The rehabilitation center "Transformation", which operates under the International Anti-Drug Association in Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, and Azerbaijan, is a place where you will always be helped.

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