Author: Александр Шуляк

Александр Шуляк

Координатор группы созависимых, психотерапевт
Александр Шуляк

10 all-Ukrainian anti-drug camp

The 10th All-Ukrainian Anti-Drug Camp MAA, in the sanatorium “Pushcha Ozernaya”, has finished. All branches of the International Anti-Drug Association have gathered. More than 300 sober addicts have come together.

Every morning began with Dmitry Dzyadevich – the world junior boxing champion and an Orthodox priest.

A rich program for therapeutic groups: Tatiana Belousova – psychologist, gestalt therapist; Elena Tararina – President of the East Ukrainian Association of Art Therapy, psychologist of the highest category, author of books, candidate of pedagogical sciences; Yuri Rozhkov – businessman, philanthropist, leader of the “Dobro Pobedit” platform, deputy of the Kherson Regional Council; book Alexander Andreevich – People’s Artist of Ukraine; Grinchenko Mikhail Mikhailovich – psychologist, teacher of acting, conducted the training; Sidun Oksana – child psychologist, gestalt therapist Artem Osipyan – psychologist, psychotherapist (State Institution “Center for Mental Health and Monitoring of Drugs and Alcohol MZ”) Aza Shulga – seven-time champion in karate.
The team “95 Kvartal” came to us: Volodymyr Zelenskyy – supported us with a kind word and made us happy with his presence; Alexander Pikalov – expressed a wish for the IAA; Evgeny Koshevoy – conducted an interactive group where everyone could freely ask what interests; Artem Gagarin – TV presenter, showman, head of the author group of 95th quarter
“The Brothers Gagarin” led a group for us; Andrey Golovan – songwriter, composer, performed his compositions for us and charged us with megapositive emotions.

Guests who visited and supported us: Teams of the League of Laughter (“Nicole Kidman”, “Lugansk national team”, “Dubrava Stadium”) Winner of the “X-factor” – Dmitry Babak; Bozhena Dar – Honored Artist of Ukraine; # Non-drinkersHeading – duet Alexander Mark and Dmitry Antonov; Yuri Dyakunchak – virtuoso accordionist; Rostislav Kushina – Ukrainian singer, Honored Artist of Ukrainian Pop Art; Alexander Krivoshapko – Ukrainian singer, finalist of the show “X-factor”; G-ART- incredibly played and cheered the audience; Eduard Dilya Pristupa – performed his songs for us; Konstantin Izyumov – a former member of the League of Laughter; #DZIDZIO Mikhail Foma – thank you for your simplicity, for communication and for singing to us; Improv Live Show – full improvisation, great team; Sergey Anatolyevich Sivokho – thank you for the kind words and motivation; Dmitry Franyuk (Kiev # Business League of FC “Odessa”) – thank you for organizing a football match with the #MAA team; Vadim Troyan – Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs
Ukraine; Evgeny Terekhov (Titanium Jackson;) – Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine; Taras Matsyuk – chairman of the public organization “Golden Lions of the Black Hundred”

We are very grateful to you that you were with us. YOUR SUPPORT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR US